Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey (PS4) Review

Yoga flame. Yoga fire.

Yoga and videogames. This isn’t something that you like to read about a game you’re about to jump in and review, yet here we are. Yes you read that right. Can a videogame combine yoga and fun into one product? While Commander Cherry might sound like the most generic title ever, it’s surprising in a few ways not expected.

Step 1. Players will need a camera for their PS4 to play this game. If players don’t have one, the game just simple won’t function. Step 2. Ensure that there is plenty of room in the play area as players will be making some very interesting shapes and facial expressions. Step 3. Lighting is crucial, if the area isn’t lit up properly it won’t have the image register correctly on the camera causing frustration and impeding progress.

MSRP: $13.99
Platforms: PS4, XB1
Price I’d Pay: $10
Multiplayer: Local Two Player
How long to beat: 3+ hours

The gameplay is unique in that it requires players to stand up, strike poses to create bridges or gaps and control the character all in one. It’ sounds a bit complicated but in essence it’s really simple and easy to get into. The better players move or make poses, and grab the orbs needed to proceed, the easier the game is. It even has a level up system that enabled other abilities that are important like a double jump for example.

It visually looks like a flash game and the backgrounds are colorful yet simple. They are serviceable, but not such an eye sore as it’s not super important to the gameplay focus that comes from players contorting their bodies and taking the pictures.

Commander Cherry is a niche title and one that most likely won’t get a lot of love simply because people will judge it for the art design alone, yet it has some limited but fun moments. I can’t stress enough how important your living room set up is needed for the camera to register players though, otherwise the game simple can’t be played. Otherwise if you looking for something a bit different and unique that gets you off the couch and laughing with your friends, Commander Cherry might just be for you.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.

  • Nice use of camera
  • Unique camera and platforming
  • Simple and fun with friends
  • Visually dull
  • Environment must be just right to use camera
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