Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island (DLC) Review

Braving the storm.

I liked Forza Horizon 2 a lot more than I anticipated. I love a good arcade racer, and FH2 fit that bill nicely. With a massive driver level and tons of hours already spent in the world, I was ready for a change of pace, and Storm Island set to deliver that. It also helps that I am a sucker for in-game weather systems, hence why I re-bought Driveclub after the latest patch introducing extreme weather (hint: it still isn’t a good game).

Storm Island introduces a new area, and with it a host of new championships, vehicles, and of course conditions to drive in. While I enjoyed the plethora of content it had to offer, I was still disappointed that it felt strikingly similar to what was already offered by the main game.

MSRP: $19.99
Platforms: Xbox One
Price I’d Pay: $14.99

One of my biggest complaints about FH2 was its lack of variety. Races all felt similar, and the locale doesn’t change a whole lot. Circuits start to run together, and the variation of race types simply doesn’t impress. Storm Island does little to alleviate that. Every race feels like something I did in the main game, and outside of it raining harder than it does in the core area, the visuals aren’t much different either.

More Horizon 2 is not a bad thing though. I sank double-digit hours in the expansion completing the bucket list challenges, competing in the championships and playing with the new upgrades. While $20 seems steep up front, there is certainly enough here to warrant it; granted those playing really enjoy more of the same features.

The scenery is beautifully macabre.

It is also worth noting that the price is cheaper for those with the VIP pass. There are also 500G worth of new Achievements for those that love to boost that score. They are also pretty easy to get outside of the second tier of bucket list challenges.

Storm Island is a concept I got behind, but felt like it could have been more. Where is my lightning and thunder crashing down? I want some tropical storm-level insanity to race in. Still for those looking for more Forza Horizon 2 there is plenty to be found in this pack. Just know it doesn’t stray far from the original game at all.

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  • Packed with content
  • Lots more off-road events
  • Still feels familiar
  • Where is the lightning and snow?
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