Azurik: Rise Of Perathia

Yes with every new console there has to be that dud that no one wants to fuck with. XBox started off with Shrek which was probably one of THE worst console game ever made. Now with the console in it’s month anniversary we are graced with yet another steaming pile of ass. In the form of Azurik, Now you may ask I saw screenshots and videos that looked amazing…well.

The game itself isn’t the worst game I have ever played by far. The problem I see with this title is that it feels like it coulda used a few more months in the oven. When the game booted up and my training began I felt like there was something missing, and as the game chugged along with it’s poorly transcripted story I felt more and more disappointed. I was so looking forward to this game. My first adventure game on my new shiny console!! Needless to say I was let down.

Graphically the game isn’t that bad, it just doesn’t show what the XBox can do. You look at titles like Halo, DOA3, and Project Gotham and you just know that this system is so powerful there is just no excuse for this kind of programming. There are no reflections, no weather effects, no footprints in the snow, and the water isn’t even that beautiful…what up with that! Next time do not rush a game, I would rather have a late finished product than a mediocre fast release.

The gameplay itself is also pretty stiff. Not much you can say about it that warrants a purchase or saves it from being a total loss. Controlling your character is more of a chore than anything else. You learn to hate the elemental spells and trying to platform jump…pfshhh what a damn joke! The camera is also annoying 99% of the time. Yes you have control over it, but when you move it, it takes forever for it to re-center itself behind you.

Overall this is one game I would definitely tell you to pass on. I love my XBox as much as the next guy, but this is just god damned ridiculous! Get Oddworld or Halo first then if you got 50 bucks to flush down the toilet of bad games, grab yourself a copy of Azurik and prepare for a disappointment. Let us put this one aside and pretend it never came out..hehe

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