Dragon’s Crown Pro (PS4) Review

A second chance to make a first impression.

Dragon’s Crown is one of the most criminally overlooked titles of last generation. Everyone remembers the controversy over the artwork, but few remember just how damn good of a beat ‘em up this game actually was. It took the simple genre and made it interesting, with RPG mechanics and unique characters to play as. The partner system was also really cool. Combine that with the stylish Vanillaware artwork and it is easily one of the forgotten gems of the PS3 era.

PS4 owners now have a chance to give it new life. Dragon’s Crown Pro is a remaster of the original game with spruced up visuals and a few neat additions. This is still the same great game, and heck Atlus went the extra mile and allowed players of the PS3 and Vita versions to download their old saves to continue their adventure. There is also crossplay with those versions, which is super cool.

MSRP: $49.99
Platforms: PS4
Price I’d Pay: $39.99

Those expecting a ton of new features will likely be a bit disappointed. While the game does feature 4K visuals on Pro, and a rock-solid framerate on base and PS4 Pro, those are the biggest bullet points. The other addition is the orchestral version of the original soundtrack, which not to sell it short is outstanding, but outside of surface upgrades, this is the same game as it always was.

Dragon’s Crown is more than just a beat ‘em up though. From the start players can pick one of six characters, each with their own attributes and mechanics. Each one feels completely different and are ranked by difficulty. It is worth noting that players cannot switch mid-game so it is best to pick one that best suits your play style. If I wanted to try out the others, I had to start a new game.

One of the things that really made this game stand out for me though are its loot and RPG mechanics. There is a skill tree that offers up game-changing abilities. The loot system also helps curb the repetition of playing a lot of the same levels and enemies over and over. There is a ton to pick up. Fans of games like Diablo will be in Heaven. Lots of items with unique stats and traits make playing levels over and over an adventure.

The combat is fun, and getting new loot is always exciting. Players can also find bones of fallen champions that can be resurrected as partners. There is also a rogue that joins the party that can open chests. The game was originally designed for the Vita and used the touch screen to guide them to find treasure and open chests. In this version (like the PS3 iteration) it uses the right stick. It is awkward but I got used to it over time.

Visually the game is gorgeous, questionable art design aside. The 4K treatment has done wonders for Vanillaware’s amazing animations. The enemy design is where the game shines though. These creatures, especially the bosses, are simply a marvel to look at.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is the definition of what a remaster should be. Cross save and crossplay with older versions is a great bonus, and the new orchestral score is incredible. This is a game a lot of people missed due to one reason or another. Don’t make that mistake again. This is one of the best beat ‘em up games in the last ten years. More than worth investing into.

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  • Artwork benefits from 4K upgrade
  • Still extremely deep and fun
  • Great loot system
  • The grind is real at times
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