The Walking Dead: Ep. 3 – Long Road Ahead Review


The strongest episode of The Walking Dead yet.

Another month comes, another episode of the Walking Dead releases. Boy, is this episode a big one. After leaving the dairy farm, the group of survivors return to the motor inn. Tensions are high when supplies are running even lower, and now some of the survivors are beginning to think that someone is stealing supplies.

This is not only the best episode so far, but the most emotional. There are turning points in this episode that will pull at your heartstrings or shock you completely. I do not want to spoil anything. This has to be experienced.

The emotional choices in the game are really well done.

The gameplay remains the same from the past two episodes. You will explore areas, solve simple puzzles, and perform quick time events during action scenes. It never gets difficult, but that has never been the object of the game. The simplistic nature of the gameplay is made up for with the complexity of the dialog and choices you have to make. This is the meat and potatoes of this episode.

The same issues I had with the last episodes are here again in episode 3. Sounds cutting out, animations not syncing up, and small glitches are present in this episode. Once again, they are not game breaking, but are very noticeable.

Episode 3 is the one episode that really makes you think. It’s a rough emotional ride that will make you want to replay the episode to see what exactly would happen if you changed your choices. It really is the best episode in the series so far. It will be very difficult to top this one. The cliffhanger to this episode will guarantee that you will want to play the next. I highly suggest the entire series, and especially this episode, without any doubts.

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