Twisted Metal Black

Every hardcore gamer has been awaiting this day since the series went downhill after 989 Studios took over the franchise. The original developers of everyone’s favorite car-combat game are back, with a vengeance! TM Black is by far the finest car combat game to date, not just because of it’s slick visuals but because it returns to the original flavor. Well enough rambling let us go into detail.

The first time I saw this game running on the screen I almost shit a brick. Constant 60 FPS with no slow down and massive amounts of shit going on at the same time. The backgrounds are downright amazing, what seems like miles and miles of terrain with interactive settings such as trees and buildings that can be pulverized, and weather effects such as drizzling to pouring rain and lightning. The cars are highly detailed and show great damage, the lighting effects are incredible and once again the frame rate is untouchable at 60 FPS all the time! This has to be one of the most visually impressive games to date!

The music is a nice flare of movie-esque themes. The soundtrack makes you feel like you are watching the most suspenseful movie of your life, with great atmosphere and ambience to die for. Their are character voices and screams of terror floating around every corner. This game kicks on a surround system let me tell ya!

The original flavor returns, keeping the familiar style that we have all come to love from TM2 and adding sharp response and excellent use of the analog sticks this game is smooth baby! If you remember the great play control of TM2 and age it like a fine wine, you get TMB. Easy to pick up and impossible to put down, packed with hours of secrets to unlock and even more hours of multi-player madness, 4-player even!

If you do not own this game already you owe it to yourself to buy it NOW! This is by far the best PS2 game to date, and even better the best Twisted Metal game of all time. You will not be disappointed in this purchase. The only reason this game does not receive a perfect score is because it is difficult as hell. The bosses are damn near impossible, but this adds challenge to veterans of the series. Follow the rule of Sweet Tooth and kill those mother fuckers!!!!! Buy this game ASAP….ZT out!

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