WinBack…the cover looks cool don’t you think? The back makes you think, WHAT? they already made Metal Gear 2 and they didn’t tell me? And the opening intro is like something from a Jackie Chan movie but I can’t quite put my finger on it *cough* Who Am I *cough*…The games got hype…but where does it deliver?

Jesus! I must say that the graphics are truly great on this one! Though it may be said that they are lacking detailed objects such as little boxes in rooms and such. But overall, this game looks very nice! The models are very well done and the environment’s got some cool things goin on! Explosion are pretty nice and you got some damn cool moves for a Miami Vice wanna be!

Hmmm…what music? oh sure, you notice it right away when you’re reenacting the scene from Who Am I (did I just say that?) , but after that it’s just kinda there…nothing special… As for the in game sound, the dialog is pretty good…but you really wanna choose the Japanese dialog with English subtitles! It just works better with their mouth movements! Guns sound ok…but they’re no AWP from counter-strike! My favorite sound in the games is when the baddies shout ,”FREEZE”! and then proceed to blast holes in you. Sounds logical don’t you think….? Overall, the sound isn’t a big factor…its there and the game has it, but nothing special. I advise not to get the sound track.

Ahh…now we come to the point of this game where I get to bitch! Don’t get me wrong, the game’s got a great flow to it…but the controls are absolutely appauling! Just thinking about them makes me want to defecate! WinBack comes fully installed with a really nice “auto-aim” system…however, the auto-aim only works about half the time…and you can forget about aiming it yourself! you might as well try to hit a fly with a ping pong ball! As for game modes…the game comes with 3 different modes and some options: Story-which is the only mode you should ever play in this game! Versus-basically useless, but tons of fun if you’re really drunk! Bots-Lame Lame Lame…like quake death match but with the speed of a tortoise! The option menu is nice, allowing you to change the language, controls, and difficulty settings. Though I must warn you about the difficulty of this game…be prepared to do sections of this game till your fingers are bleeding! All in all…gameplay is where this title becomes a 50 dollar coaster.

Well, what can I say? Its got some really nice graphics, and the story line isn’t all that bad. If you’re really into those Syphon Filter games and your willing to work your ass off to become the master of that black pressure sensitive beast, then by all means, get this game! But, those of you that are looking for the all around K.O. boxer, wait for Metal Gear Solid 2 and tell WinBack to eat its heart out! As for me, I’ve got it…so might as well go back to beating my head against the wall…Trippyliquid….trippin out!