Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Switch) Review

Digging up the fun…again.

Shovel Knight has become the Ridge Racer of this generation. It launches on every console, and frankly, everyone should play it. The 16-bit inspired platformer is one of the best games to come out in the past few years, and one of the few to really capture that nostalgia that gamers like myself grew up on. Switch owners now have a chance to experience what makes our digging friend so great with the Treasure Trove package, which comes packed with the original game as well as the excellent expansion as well as some other goodies packed in.

This package has the original game, which in and of itself is immaculate. Don’t believe me, three of us here at ZTGD reviewed the game, and all of us rated it extremely high. Check out just one of those here. In addition to the original game, the first expansion Plague of Shadows is also included, which feels like a remixed version of the original game, albeit with a different character and mechanics. The second expansion, Specter of Torment, though feels like an entirely new game set in the same universe.

MSRP: $24.99
Platforms: Switch (reviewed), 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, XB1, Wii U
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The Switch version of the game comes packed with some features found in the previous Wii U version, as well as some new ones. For starters, amiibo support returns, allowing players to customize their knight for use in co-op. Playing the game with a friend still remains one of the most enjoyable, as well as frustrating, ways to play the game. There is also a fairy that players can summon to accompany Shovel Knight on his journey, which sadly is nothing more than cosmetic, but still super cute.

There is also a new set of modifiers for the game, allowing players to switch the gender of all the main characters. Want Shovel Knight to be female? You can do that! It is a neat feature that makes the game feel fresh for those of us on our fourth playthrough.

There is so much content in Treasure Trove it almost feels unfair. The original game is already a masterpiece, and Plague of Shadows is a neat remix, but Specter of Torment is truly the highlight. This new campaign is a prequel to Shovel Knight, and actually expands on the surprisingly great story of the original game. It also features entirely new levels and mechanics. Playing as Specter Knight feels entirely unique, and his upgrades dynamically change the way the game plays. When all is combined, this package is a must own for Switch owners, and any sad soul who has yet to play this already amazing title.

The Switch launch lineup might be light on exclusives and new games, but this package easily stands out as one of the best in the bunch. For anyone who missed out on Shovel Knight in its first run, this is a no-brainer. For Switch owners who might have already taken down the Order of No Quarter, the new expansions make it more than worthwhile for a double dip. Shovel Knight is an amazing franchise I hope to see continue long into the future, and is one of the few games I have actually beaten more than two times in this sea of endless titles releasing. A must own.

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  • Incredible amount of content
  • Game play is smooth as silk
  • Great challenge and replay
  • Co-op is a blast
  • Can we get a sequel now?
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