Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review

Shoot ’em up for Charity.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a million bullets trying to hit me in the face! Super Galaxy Squadron has dropped players into a time warp of epic, shooter, proportions. Where choosing a ship, dodging bullets, and destroying massive on screen enemies was THE genre to play. Does Super Galaxy Squadron have what it takes to bring back the elements of pain we so much deserve?

Taking cues from classic bottom to top side scrollers of yonder years past. Super Galaxy Squadron offers players two main modes of play. Story/Arcade mode and Endless. One features stages, bosses, and eventually and end to all the bullet hell craziness. The other offers well, an endless gamut of enemies just itching to kill the player at every moment. Either way, each mode offers players the requirement of getting skills to pay the bills.

That’s a lot of bullets!

Platforms: PC
MSRP: 7.99
Price I’d pay 7.99

The main campaign mode feature various levels with wonderful music, scrolling retro graphics, and enough things on screen that if you blink, you could die. Sure the element of difficulty ramps up as you get further and further in. Collecting power ups and precious health drops to keep you surviving the next way of enemies. Take a hit or two and risk losing an upgrade, granted players are quick can pick it back up. It all adds to that risk reward of letting it go, or taking a hit to your shield. One of my favorite boss fights was an enemy that was only about as big as my ship, but packed a hell of a punch. Also be warned, while the game has a steady difficulty curb, stage 6 will absolutely make you it’s joke the first time attempting it, you’ve been warned.

Endless mode lets you choose to just run an infinite gauntlet of doom. Wave after wave of enemies, starting off semi week and then getting to the point where it’s hard to actually see anything on the screen. If you can’t reach a zen like state of mind where your body and hands are actually reacting on their own to the pattern and stimuli the game is providing, you won’t make it far. By the way, each of these modes can be played in hardcore which offers a one hit kill. Have fun with that one.

Space, the final frontier.

Super Galaxy Squadron is a ton a fun and replayable for old school fans and high score junkies. If you slapped this bad boy into an arcade cabinet and claimed it was some long lost game from the 80’s, I’d totally believe it. That’s probably the best thing I can say about the game, it takes everything from the past, makes it new again, but seemingly old as if it’s a hidden gem. For low price and they fact all proceeds go to children’s charity, you’re getting one hell of a deal and supporting a great cause.

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  • Retro style stays true to the genre
  • Get that high score
  • Fantastic sound track
  • Controls feel solid
  • Soundtrack repeats too often
  • Sharp difficulty change in Stage 6
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