Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) Review

Continuing the adventure.

Uncharted is a bit of an anomaly for me. Every time I finish one of the games I think to myself “I think I am done.” We simply don’t need another Uncharted game. Then a new one comes along, I play it, and the process begins anew. I really enjoy Naughty Dog’s storytelling and action sequences. I never get bored playing their games. Lost Legacy mixes up the pot by tossing out series staple Nathan Drake in favor of side characters from past games, and once again they nailed it.

Billed as a side story, and not bearing a full price tag, Lost Legacy might look like less than a full game. To the contrary though this is a full-fledged Uncharted experience. The core campaign runs 7-9 hours depending on difficulty and side content. It feels just right. I felt Uncharted 4 went on a bit too long, and this entry drives that point home.

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The story puts players in the shoes of Chloe Frazer, who brings along series newcomer Nadine Ross, who first appeared in Uncharted 4. The story revolves around the duo hunting down the Tusk of Ganesh. The pair have a solid chemistry, thanks of course to the incredible acting from Claudia Black and Laura Bailey. Naughty Dog’s excellent writing also helps.

The game play feels very Uncharted. Lots of big set pieces, scripted climbing, and cover-based shooting. There is a section early on that dabbles a little bit in open-world design, but it falls flat thanks to linear navigation. Still the campaign starts strong and ends on a solid note. This is a great entry in the series.

The shooting is still a sore spot for me even though it has gotten better over time. Enemies are no longer massive bullet sponges, unless of course I was playing on the higher difficulties. The traversal looks great, but as always feels extremely linear. Scripted events play a large role as always. I never have any fear climbing the side of objects in Uncharted games, I know if I fall it is because the game deems it so.

There is a new lock picking mechanic that serves to open boxes that contain treasures and weapons. It feels very rudimentary and unnecessary at times. There is even a rather annoying sequence towards the end of the game that requires it during combat. One hit and I was knocked out of the animation. Stuff like that is never fun.

Still, that is not what Uncharted games are to me. They are the equivalent of big budget Summer movies, lots of spectacle and action. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention just how gorgeous Lost Legacy is. Naughty Dog has a reputation for crafting beautiful characters and worlds, and this is no exception. Running on PS4 Pro the game simply shines. The HDR colors and lighting are downright delightful. The world pops, although the developers really abused the walking out into a massive open space awe moments. We get it, the game looks phenomenal.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy is another Uncharted game, for better or worse. I loved its length and characters. I would love to see more spin-offs now that Nathan Drake’s journey has come to an end. I feel like we don’t get enough of these action adventure style titles and am always up for another one. I might say we don’t need another Uncharted game once again, but if the series returns, you know I will be first in line to eat my words.

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