Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations (XB1) Review

It’s Adventure Time with the whole cast!

Adventure time is not only an interesting show but one filled with silly, sometimes obscure humor, colorful characters, and an extremely weird world. How fitting that each game that we have seen released for the franchise has taken a different tone and style of gameplay on consoles. The first was a side scrolling platforming adventure, next was a dungeon hack and slash, then we had the top down Zelda imitation. Having played them all, they surely kept to the source material, I’ll give them that much. Here we finally have a game that plays perfectly into the name of the show and with that an adventuring we must go.

Point here, click there.

I’m not exactly sure who thought Adventure Time would make a great point and click game but I’m happy they did as this follows the source material to ultimate perfection, more than any of the other games prior. As Finn and Jake, players take on mystery cases that take place all the kingdom of Ooo.

MSRP: $49.99
Platforms: XB1, PS4, PC, PS3, 360, Wii U, 3DS
Price I’d Pay: $25.00
Multiplayer: N/A
How long to beat: Six hours

Players control Finn with Jake in tow and explore various areas to solve puzzles. The genre itself is more catered to something adults would be familiar with but I remember as a child loving these type of games so I think hardcore Adventure Time fans might just get a new appreciation for this genre if they play it for the license alone. Players will still get stuck if they don’t find the right items to combine or use to proceed, that hasn’t changed. The puzzles themselves and figuring them out are easier than most entries in the genre so this is really approachable for all ages.

Adventure Time really shines in the casting and authenticity of the world they are from. Those familiar with the franchise will notice inside jokes, cameos, and areas that have been seen in the show. It would be a shame if they didn’t get the cast for the show in the game but they did. Each character has their voice actors doing the part and it only goes to add the authenticity of the show even more. I found myself laughing at some of the most ridiculous comments in the game. Obviously if the humor of the show isn’t to specific players liking, the game will do nothing in changing that. It stays true to the source material and cast like glue.

What’s different for the genre and even a little unique is the addition of fighting mechanics. Yes a point and click game that has combat in it, crazy right? I know it’s a little unheard of and this is no Devil May Cry or Castle Crashers when it comes to quality of combat. Yet players get to control Finn, dodging, countering attacks, swing his various swords, and teaming up with Jake when their friendship meter comes into play. Combat really never changes throughout the course of the game and Finn gets new swords seemingly random while enemies change up the mix depending on location. It’s not the smoothest portion of the game but gives it just a little bit more and found my time with those segments at best a fun little diversion if not repetitive.

Like an episode, just more expensive.

While the graphics are extremely simple in geometry and dated, it goes along with show honestly. Adventure Time doesn’t need the best graphics to keep in style with what makes the show appealing. As I mentioned before the entire voice cast is here and with a charming OST, it feels as if playing a new episode of the show. Where it has faults is in its repetitive combat, it’s sometimes bluntly easy puzzles, and its weird flickering shadows or textures at times. While the voice cast is excellent, why can’t I skip any of the spoken dialog? That’s a rather huge misstep in a game with so much talking and will hurt replayabilty.

Another point that really stick out like a sore thumb is the price. While most games in this genre these days launch at $20, Adventure Time is $50 and while I almost question if that was due to the voice cast production cost alone, it’s a buzz kill when you purchase games similar in nature like Back to the Future or Unwritten Tales 2 for less than half the price.


Adventure Time Finn and Jakes Investigations is a better game than I ever expected. It’s a bold move to take a franchise that has as many kid fans as adults and make it a point and click title. Some simply have no patience to solve puzzles or explore and listen to every bit of dialog. Yet we have the best representation and feeling of actually being inside of an episode of the show than ever before and I have to give it that credit. It’s not the smartest, prettiest, or smoothest point and click game ever made, but it’s the best faithful iteration of the Adventure Time franchise brought to gaming consoles. Fans surely won’t be disappointed and even folks that like the genre might find some fun moments in the land of Oooo, WHOA Algebraic!

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  • True to the show
  • Cast from show returns
  • Simply, easy interface
  • Extremely easy at moments
  • Can’t skip dialog
  • Combat adds variety but repetition
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