Angry Birds Star Wars (XB1) Review

A price increase?!?

Angry Birds is a phenomenon, there is no better way to put it. Everyone knows what it is, “core” gamers tend to hate it, yet nearly everyone who has ever played a game has experienced it. When Activision packaged the original trilogy on consoles last year for $39.99 everyone thought they were insane. Then it sold over a million copies, which means this year we get Angry Birds Star Wars for consoles. Having never played this version and being a huge Star Wars fan meant I was in for a treat, but is it worth the hefty price tag?

Angry Birds Star Wars is exactly what the title suggests. This is the same formula of hurling birds at structures in order to knock down pigs, but with a Star Wars twist. Birds with lightsabers and force powers tangle with pigs in Stormtrooper outfits while they fire blasters at me. Yes, it is as nerdy as it sounds. Offering Star Wars-inspired powers really tugs at my fanboy strings. I also have to mention that the level design is fantastic here. Rovio has chosen some of the most interesting locales and mixed the two franchises together seamlessly.

It goes without saying that Angry Birds Star Wars is packed with content. There are so many levels it can feel overwhelming at times. All of the levels from the mobile versions are here, as well as a host of exclusive new content that features some new locales and items. The sticker system in place checks off the collection aspect, while the scoring system kept me retrying levels. This is the same formula, but once it got its hooks back in me, I couldn’t stop playing. Rovio has really perfected what makes Angry Birds so addictive.

Xbox One Version

Even though Kinect on Xbox One is far superior to its predecessor, this game controls no better with the device. Controls are still finicky at best, and often don’t work at all. The biggest difference for the XB1 version is that challenges are added on a weekly basis, which still doesn’t justify the price inflation.

Angry Birds Star Wars is even more expensive on Xbox One, and that hurts. The extra $10 this version costs is insulting as it really should only be that much for the whole package. The crisper visuals and weekly challenges are nice, but if you already own it elsewhere, there is zero reason to upgrade to the next generation of Angry Birds.

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  • Star Wars inspired levels
  • Interesting new mechanics
  • Tons of levels, old and new
  • Price tag is (even) heavier
  • Kinect functionality is spotty
  • Camera controls are weird
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