Bethesda Pinball (PS4) Review

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Here we are back at it again with some more Zen Pinball tables. Seems I am the resident pinball player here at ZTGD and to be honest, I have become a fan of them over the years thanks to me being the reviewer of these tables. While it’s always difficult to write about pinball tables, Zen Studios have really nailed it with new and interesting tables and the new Bethesda pack is quite possibly the most interesting batch I have seen in a long time.

Based on three very popular Bethesda published titles, Skyrim, Fallout 4, and DOOM all have unique aspects to them rather than just being pinball tables. This time around, players actually play a pinball RPG in a sense. In Fallout, players begin by selecting their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes that will determine how efficient they are in certain missions.

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The Skyrim table has players actually pausing the game and selecting their inventory to equip new weapons and such while still playing traditional pinball. The DOOM table has players switching weapons on the fly just like in the new 2016 DOOM. Changing weapons up will change the effectiveness in some missions.

As far as the tables themselves go, both Fallout and DOOM have really nice lane placement and feel a bit more open than the Skyrim table. I feel a bit claustrophobic while playing the Skyrim table and being accurate in it can be a bit of a challenge.

The DOOM is my most standout table of the pack with both the layout and the presentation really hitting the high notes of the entire thing. It also helps that I’m actually playing through DOOM currently and comparing the look and feel of the table with the actual game is pretty great.

While the Skyrim one was my least favorite of the bunch, it’s not a bad table by any means. It has some great ideas and many of them work. The Fallout and DOOM ones are really fun to play as well and each offers up something unique for the entire package. Expect a little more out of your pinball, and it just so happens The Bethesda pack has it. Any fan of pinball will have a great time with these and even some fans of RPG will get a little out of them. It really is an interesting bunch of tables that any Zen Pinball fan should add to their library.

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  • Interesting concepts
  • Good presentation
  • Fun mechanics
  • Skyrim feels a bit cramped
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