Caveman Warriors (XB1) Review

Chuckin’ rocks.

There are not a lot of platformers that take place in a prehistoric timeline. So when talking about Caveman Warriors I am left to compare it to titles like Joe & Mac, Radical Rex, and Bonk. Developer Jandusoft is looking to reinvigorate the period with their latest title, and for the most part it succeeds.

Caveman Warriors is a side-scrolling action title that features local co-op play and a healthy challenge. Players can join up with friends, or tackle the game solo and switch between each of the four characters on-the-fly. Each warrior possesses a unique talent that is used to progress, so it is imperative to switch between them. This makes for some interesting puzzle solving when playing co-op. Playing solo though makes it more tedious than it should be.

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To further complicate matters, each character has a stamina bar. When using their unique ability it drains, dramatically. This can often lead to waiting to progress.

When it works though, it feels brilliant. For a game that sometimes looks like a cheap Flash knock-off, it has surprising depth. Each level feels different. Every area has distinct enemies, layouts, and bosses. There are even vehicle levels to break up the action. For those that can see the entire game, it is full of diversity.

Seeing the whole game will pose quite the challenge though. This game is tough. It doesn’t take much to knock your character down, and some of the platforming is downright brutal. Add in the knockback technique used in classic platform games and there is quite the challenge to overcome here. Levels are also long, and with only a few checkpoints to replenish health and life, reaching them delivers a sense of relief.

Caveman Warriors takes on the cartoon style similar to the games it draws inspiration from. Over-the-top characters and animations look good, and as I mentioned the diversity in levels and enemies goes a long way to keep things fresh.

While it is likely already forgotten, Caveman Warriors is a solid, if not overly challenging game set to a backdrop rarely used. I loved the idea behind it, even if its execution fell flat sometimes.

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