Cel Damage HD (XB1) Review

The game that won’t die.

I never thought I would be talking about Cel Damage twice in the last two years. I was a fan of the original game when it launched well over ten years ago on the original Xbox, but let’s be honest, I never thought I would see this series again. It’s like being told they are making a sequel to Pen Pen TriIcelon (kudos if you remember that one.) Cel Damage is a colorful car combat title that feels ripped directly out of a classic Saturday morning cartoon, and it still substitutes for a solid weekend romp.

From the minute I hit start, Cel Damage gets right into the action. Pick a character, pick a mode, and start slapping. Rounds are determined by what the game calls slaps, not sure if it actually counts every hit, but it is fun driving around collecting different weapons. There are four themes for the stages, and a handful of modes to choose from, and that’s it.


MSRP: $11.99
Platforms: XB1, PS4, PC
Price I’d Pay: $9.99
Multiplayer: 1-4 split screen

The weapons are certainly the highlight with a vast array of cartoon staples. Giant hammers, TNT sheep, grenades, all exploding in overly animated fashion. Controls are solid and the game runs at a great clip. The team at Finish Line Games has done a nice job of bringing this title into the new generation. It looks like I remember it, and would certainly pass for a smaller indie title of today.

Multiplayer is where the game shines, though sadly it is only available locally. Up to four players can take a slap at each other in split-screen co-op action.


I have always enjoyed the cel shaded style. It was all the rage around the time this game came out, but it also ages better than standard polygons. Cel Damage HD still looks great, and it runs beautifully. It looks like a cartoon, which makes the over-the-top attacks even more fun to execute.

Cel Damage HD is not going to blow anyone away, but it is a solid weekend romp. It has aged well over the past decade, and for anyone who has never played it, it is a nice change of pace. Still, without online and a severe lack of modes the fun wears thin quickly. This is one to wait for a sale to snatch up.

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  • Simple and intuitive
  • Colorful
  • No online play
  • Limited game modes
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