Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (XB1) Review

Death returns for us all.

If there is a series I regret seeing die more than any other, it is Darksiders. Vigil’s tale of the Four Horsemen is still one of the best in its class, and it died far too soon. When THQ went under, publisher Nordic Games acquired the rights to the series, along with a host of other THQ IPs in a massive fire sale, but this is the only one I really hope they manage to do something with.

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition might be a silly name, but the fact remains that this is one outstanding game. Sure the DLC is throwaway, and the core game runs a bit too long for its own good, but few games captured what this series managed to do in the span of two games.

MSRP: $29.99
Platforms: XB1, PS4
Price I’d Pay: $29.99
Multiplayer: N/A

Let’s talk about what we get with this version. This is Darksiders II, complete with all the post launch DLC running at 1080p. While not quite reaching that magical 60 frames per second, this game is still gorgeous. The art direction from the team at Vigil is unparalleled. Characters and areas within the game are some of the most beautifully designed I have ever seen. I still love exploring them, even though I have played through the game twice before this release.

For those that never played the original, now is the time. Darksiders II stars Death, as he attempts to clear his brother War’s name from the events of the first game. The story is actually really epic, and the voice acting alone drives that point home. These games still have some of the best voices in gaming, Death himself is played by Michael Wincott.

The game plays like a hybrid of genres including mixes of Zelda and Diablo. There are dungeons filled with puzzles, loot to be collected and equipped, and z-targeting combat with some serious kick behind it. It mashes all of these styles together perfectly, and plays like a dream. There is also a level-up system with two distinct trees of abilities. The game does run a little long in the tooth, but still remains one of the best adventure games from the past generation.

If there is one downside to this re-release it is that the first game is not included as well. Not only is the story important, the first game was essentially a Mature-rated Zelda title that played fantastically. I would have loved to see the complete collection followed by an announcement that we were finally getting the third game in the series. Truly this is one franchise that needs to make a triumphant return.

For anyone that missed the original release of Darksiders II, I implore you to give it a go this time around. It is a fantastic game that stands the test of time. I know this is the season for all the new, big games to drop, but if you never got to step into Death’s grimy shoes, I cannot recommend this game enough.

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  • Art direction is still fabulous
  • Lots of content
  • Game play is superb
  • Visual upgrade serves it well
  • Frame rate is not ideal
  • DLC is still pointless
  • That climbing sequence...you know the one!
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