Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer (PC) Review

Old school is back with some new skin.

I was a huge fan of the Necromancer back in the old Diablo II days. He was my main character in fact. So when I heard that the class was coming to Diablo III, one of my favorite games I still play to this day, I was ecstatic. After hitting level 70, obtaining multiple legendaries and set pieces for the class, I can safely say the Necromancer is back and fits in well with the overall cast of Diablo III.

Just like the other classes, the Necro can be either male or female, each with their respective voice actors for cutscenes. What sets the Necro apart from the other classes is their usage of corpses to fuel their attacks and to create attacks. When an enemy dies, they leave behind a corpse. These can be used in numerous ways. Since the class uses essence to fuel their attacks, corpses can be consumed with an ability called Devour that can replenish essence. So killing enemies can essentially fuel the Necro for more attacks. In fact, that was the main build I went with for most of my way to level 70. There are also abilities that are tied to corpses like the corpse explosion that make the surrounding corpses explode for damage. Of couse, all of this is based on the build players are going for. Using elective mode is a must for higher level play for best efficiency.

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On top of all that, the Necro calls upon some of the skills from the Diablo II roots like bone, and undead abilities. The Necro was known for being the minion user in Diablo II and here, in Diablo III, there is no exception. They can utilize skeletons, undead mages, golems, and full on undead armies to hinder and decimate their enemies. Once again, all based on the build they’re going for. This is all determined by the passive skills and equipment they are wearing.

Speaking of, there are multiple legendaries and set pieces made specifically for the Necro. Much like the other classes in the game, these can set the player in a certain way where they want to utilize the set bonuses and use certain abilities. Of course, it’s all the luck of the roll when it comes to what items players will get, but at higher difficulties, doing some Nephalem Rifts can easily get players set on their way for a nice build.

While this class feels great and works really well synergizing with other classes, players need to keep in mind, this is a Diablo III character. People going into this DLC thinking they’re getting Diablo II’s Necro is going to be disappointed. They have balanced to create this class to be another one for Diablo III.

There’s not much to say in the end. It’s a $15 DLC that gets players a new class to play and level up in Diablo III. Diablo III is an amazing RPG to begin with, and I think that the Necromancer adds some enjoyment out of it all. Hardcore players of Diablo III and those looking for a reason to go back to New Tristram should most certainly pick this DLC up. For the casual player, maybe wait for a price drop a bit. Even then, just know, you’re getting a new class and that’s about it. Granted, that class is just as fun to play as the rest of them.

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