DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition (XB1) Review

Return to the Bloody Palace.

DmC is one of the best action games of last generation. There I said it, and I feel good about it. I think Ninja Theory brought the series into a new light with a coherent story, fantastic set pieces and amazing combat. Toss aside all the drama surrounding the title, and I feel it is some of the best stuff Capcom has put out in the genre in a long time.

When Capcom announced it was remastering the game for new consoles, complete with the DLC, new costumes, and of course 1080p and 60 frames per second, I could not wait to tear through the hordes of demons once again.

This boss battle is still fantastic.

MSRP: $39.99
Platforms: XB1, PS4, PC
Price I’d Pay: $39.99
Time to beat: 15-25 hours for everything

For those that played the original on PC, these new additions might not sound like a big deal. Amazingly, the PC port of DmC was pretty outstanding. For console players however, the new additions are night and day. Seeing these amazingly crafted areas in the slicker, higher resolution really showcases the stellar art direction from Ninja Theory. From the inventive boss fights to the words plastered across areas showcasing orders from the demon leader, the game oozes style.

I had forgotten how each level was a rollercoaster ride that really feels unmatched to this day. I had really hoped Ninja Theory had gotten the chance to continue the series. It really felt like the rebirth of Dante’s story, and one I actually cared about.

Outside of the updated visuals, the Definitive Edition also packs a heaping amount of content. All of the released DLC for DmC is included, such as the Vergil campaign. There are also new skins including classic Dante and DMC1 Dante, which should make a lot of the haters happy. Some of the cut scenes are not rendered in the game engine, so they still feature Ninja Theory’s design. It can be odd, but they are really limited.

There are also now much harder difficulties including Gods Must Die, which takes the classic Dante Must Die mode and makes enemies harder by spawning enemies with Devil Trigger, oh and the use of items and health drops is disabled. This mode is certainly only for those looking for true punishment.

This game is gorgeous, and runs like a dream.

Vergil also gets his own 60-level Bloody Palace mode, a new style mode that requires players to have an S rank to deal any damage, and probably the most requested features from players, a manual lock-on. I found this extremely helpful during larger fights, and it can be configured in the options menu. There is also an option to toggle turbo mode for any level, which speeds the game up by 20% while still retaining that slick frame rate. The combat can become hectic, but it is so fluid, I still loved every second of it.

There really is a lot here to enjoy in this package, and for anyone who skipped it the first time, being priced at $39.99, this game is more than worth its price of admission.

DmC still sits atop my list of best action games from last generation. I put it in the same tier as Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising as one of the best action games I have played. Whatever reason you haven’t played this, it is time to finally dive in, and for those like me who already beat it to death on previous consoles, it is more than worth jumping back into. It really is one of the best releases and the ideal way to craft a remaster.

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  • That visual polish
  • Tweaks make it even better
  • All the DLC included
  • Learning curve can be cumbersome
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