Fenix Furia (XB1) Review

Grab that cookie!

Fenix Furia is a difficult game. A lot of games nowadays make that claim, and in fact it has almost become part of game culture to throw extremely hard challenges at players. The sticking point is that the game feels fair, and most importantly, designed well enough to keep people playing as they die over, and over, and over…

Developer Green Lava Studios has managed to do just that. It would be almost impossible to write this review without mentioning the excellent Super Meat Boy, as Fenix Furia is about as close to a love letter with that game as one can get. Furia boasts hundreds of levels, each quick and simple, with one goal in mind: complete them.


MSRP: $14.99
Platforms: XB1, PS4
Price I’d Pay: $14.99

Of course, the challenge comes from actually being able to do that, while also collecting the tantalizing cookie on every stage.

Fenix Furia is a twitch platformer where levels can last 20 seconds if navigated properly, or 20 minutes depending on how many deaths I manage to rack up. Fenix can jump, dash, and use the environment to make it through levels. Jumping is continuous, so tapping the button can keep him in the air. This adds some serious verticality to some levels. There are also difficulty settings, with easy being the most forgiving, allowing for two hits before starting over. Don’t take that as an easy button though, even with a mulligan, these levels are tough as nails.

None of this works without pinpoint controls though. Developer Green Lava Studios has managed to capture that precise feel with its movement and jumps that made Super Meat Boy work in practice. Every time I died, it was my fault, but when I nailed that jump, grabbed the cookie, and somehow made it to the exit, it was exhilarating.

While maneuvering through tricky levels is the highlight, there is also a story here. It is weird to say it, but it is actually pretty deep and involved, well for a game of this type anyways. It is a story of revenge as the game unravels clues and mysteries about the main character’s evil nemesis. While it is thin on the surface, it was refreshing having something pushing me along. Sadly the later levels became so difficult I never managed to see the conclusion of the tale, but I keep going back.


The art style is extremely colorful, and reminds me of a drawing at times. Performance is smooth, which is a must, and the levels change up when needed. It is a solid-looking game. The music gets repetitive, especially on my 30th run of a certain level, but everything else looks and sounds great.

Fenix Furia is a test of patience and fortitude. It is hard not to recommend for players who have perseverance. The pinpoint controls and addictive level design keep me coming back for more. For those that have exhausted Super Meat Boy, this is the perfect compliment.

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  • Pitch perfect controls
  • Addictive difficulty
  • Great visual style
  • I curse the cookie
  • Weird difficulty curves
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