Funk of Titans (XB1) Review


Groovin’ with the Greek Gods.

When I first saw I would be reviewing Funk of Titans, I was under the impression that it was a standard 2D platformer with a few combat elements thrown in. Much to my surprise when I booted up the game, Perseus, the main protagonist, runs automatically, with me controlling the jumping and quick attacks as he runs through levels. So, here we have an auto runner set in a funky ancient Greece where Perseus looks like Black Dynamite and must defeat titans of music genres via dance-offs. Strangely enough, I actually liked it.

As stated above, Funk of Titans is an auto runner where players control Perseus’ jumps and attacks. Certain enemies can be jumped on while others must be slashed with his sword. Perseus can only take one hit before he dies so knowing when to jump and attack is very important throughout the levels. Each level is scored based on if Perseus took damage, found all 100 gold vinyl records throughout the level and found the Pegasus statue. Finding the Pegasus statue will take players to a bonus level where Perseus rides a stick horse that has jet engines attached to it. Here, holding the A button will lift him up and letting go will drop him down. This mode plays much like Jetpack Joyride or Techno Kitten Adventure.

He’s going for the record.

Platforms: XB1
MSRP: $8.99
Price I’d pay: $8.99
Multiplayer : N/A

We’re on a mission from Zeus.

Throughout playing the game, Zeus will give missions to the player. These come in the familiar style of Jetpack Joyride. Some would be to jump 25 times in a single level, or crash while riding Pegasus 5 times. After completing the tier of challenges, the player’s profile will level up and new items will become available to purchase.

Players use the gold vinyl records to purchase cosmetic items in the store. Different headpieces and weapons don’t affect much other than Zeus missions, and opening certain Pegasus doors with a specific type of weapon.

Boss fight? More like boring fight.

The boss encounters are handled completely through quick time events. The scenes are played through both wrestling matches and dance-offs – neither of which is exciting or challenging. I was able to do every mini-boss and boss battle without missing a single button prompt. It is the weakest part of the game.

While it is simple to play and rather refreshing because of it, I still found it repetitive, even before getting halfway through the game. While the levels do vary, the same formula is set, and while I really enjoyed the original soundtrack that was in the game, with only three songs to choose from, it gets old after a while. I only wish there was more variety.

Let’s break the ice.

The cartoony nature of the entire package is charming enough, and pushing a direction on the analog stick will have Perseus shout out one-liners straight out of the 70’s. It all fits in with a neat little package so that even when I did get slightly tired of the repetitiveness, I kept playing. Luckily, it doesn’t wear out its welcome.

With its simplistic nature and decent soundtrack, I found Funk of Titans refreshing to play. Sure it gets repetitive after a while, but I couldn’t help but keep playing. It has an interesting formula that just works. Of course, it’s not going to blow anyone’s socks off, but it’s not a bad game either. If you’re looking for a fun distraction for about 4 hours and have nine bucks to spare, give it a shot. You may actually have a fun time like I did.

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  • Simplistic game play
  • Nice Soundtrack
  • Decent art style
  • Can get repetitive
  • Lack of variety
  • Boring quick time event boss fights
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