Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4) Review

Head over heels.

The Vita spawned some truly great original titles. Now with the system winding down, we are starting to see a lot of them manifest onto Sony’s massively successful console. Gravity Rush Remastered is the latest game to make the jump to the big screen, and much like those that came before it, it impresses. Gravity Rush is really unlike anything else on the system, and it makes the transition from handheld to console with a host of improvements that make it worth checking out.

My colleague Ryan reviewed the original Gravity Rush almost four years ago. I definitely recommend checking it out here. I will touch upon some of the original game, but for the most part this review will focus on what is new, and what has changed for the console release.


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The most notable difference between the PS4 and Vita version are the controls. Everything here feels tighter with the DualShock 4 controller. Actions such as the slide are easier to perform. Aiming Kat’s descent in the environments is much easier with more defined analog sticks. The accelerometer in the DS4 also serves just as the Vita did during the comic book cut scenes, tilting the perspective to give it that ever-so-slight 3D effect. It really is impressive.

Controlling Kat is simple and intuitive. Her gravity powers take some getting used to because she really falls as opposed to actual flying. She has a decent repertoire of moves at her disposal. What the game falters on is explaining that to players. When Kat earns a new move it pops up an onscreen prompt for a tutorial, but it is very small and easy to miss. I didn’t know about the slide until a challenge tasked me with using it.

Everything can also be upgraded using the gems collected throughout the world, but the real place to earn them is in the challenges. Here players can earn hundreds at a time depending on their score in these events.


There is a lot to unlock and uncover. Remastered comes packed with all the DLC missions and costumes that were released for the Vita. It is cool to have so much content to play with, but some of the DLC is forgettable to say the least. I am looking at you Maid DLC – the frustrating timed missions are not fun, and the costume is certainly not worth it. Sadly, once I started these missions there was no way to exit out of them.

Gravity Rush is truly a unique experience. The colorful visuals paint a world that is unlike anything else. The large black outlines accent the characters, and the story is whimsical and powerful at the same time. Kat is a great character, and the core mechanics make for a truly interesting experience. Playing with gravity creates both unique combat and world traversal. Those looking for something new and exciting definitely need to give this a shot now that it has a second chance.

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  • Great art direction
  • Unique game play
  • Motion controls are gone
  • Some side missions are frustrating
  • Lack of explanation
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