Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS4) Review

The legend is told again…with HD graphics.

Remaster is the hot word this generation, and we have seen some favorable and not so favorable releases. If you had to ask me what games I’d love to see remastered, I’ll be honest that Legend of Kay isn’t one of them. That’s not to say it doesn’t deserve it though, as like myself, I’m sure many didn’t get a chance to experience this title during its PS2 days. But is it worth it now?

Legend of Kay is a platforming adventure game, a genre that has mostly all but disappeared and is only more recently seeing a resurgence. Kay is a young cat studying the ways of the sword and martial arts. The story is one of Kay’s school being shut down by the Shun’s Gorillas. Kay doesn’t approve and things are not quite as they appear, with Kay leaving town and head out into the wild, mystical blade in hand. The story is presented via comic style panel cut scenes and voice over. The story isn’t really the main appeal, but gives the player just enough incentive to see Kay’s journey to the end.

MSRP: $29.99
Platforms: PS4, PS3, Wii U, 360, PC
Price I’d Pay: $20.00
Multiplayer: NA
How long to beat: 10+

Gameplay is the main appeal here, and for anyone that grew up playing 3D platformers, Kay will feel right at home. Platforming, fighting, and progressing through the levels leads to more story exposition, boss battles, and some fun enemy encounters. Players will find that the combat is still just as fun as ever, as Kay can jump from enemy to enemy as his combo continues. The fighting system at play isn’t extremely deep but for the genre, it’s very suitable and fast paced. Platforming is typical with climbing ledges, swinging on poles, and a unique dashing attack that propels Kay forward.

The graphics all have updated textures, and the entire game looks and plays better because of it. Unfortunately, a problematic camera system gets in the players’ way often, and can cause frustration and death. Fighting is fast and fun and platforming doable, but that camera can put a blunder on what could have been a much smoother experience. Meanwhile, the voice acting is just kid show cliché ridden; it’s full of silly jokes, ban puns, and questionable acting. It might be intentional or just a product of the time the original game released, but hearing it today is a bit rough.

Legend of Kay Remaster is a game for platforming fans of a retro era. While it looks much better and runs really smooth, the camera is problematic and the voice acting is hard to stomach. That being said, there is a charm that Legend of Kay brings with it, and I’m glad I was able to finally experience it in its most definitive form. If you like platforming adventure games, Kay is worth a look, but you have to be able to overcome its blemishes.
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  • Classic platforming adventure
  • Better graphics and FPS
  • Fast, fun combat
  • Bad voice acting
  • Camera issues
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