Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PC) Review

Mega Man returns.

Capcom has gone and done it again. If you haven’t felt like they have released enough of the prior releases in the past and happened to miss out on the original releases of Mega Man 7, 8, 9, and 10. Look no further, but what about those that have had their fill of the blue dude?

Nostalgia everywhere

The overall package of these 4 classic games is great to have in one collection. The presentation for each game is nice, as each one has unique borders for the side of the screen if playing in original screen or full. Widescreen is selectable, but I found it stretched the image way too much for my own personal comfort and ruined the image quality. CRT scan lines can also be simulated to give each one a classic look as if playing on an old tube TV, but the effect caused me some eye strain and I opted for turning it off completely.

Retail: $19.99
Would pay $19.99
Multiplayer: 1
How long to beat: 10+ hours

While it’s a good collection of 4 games and the price is great, I can’t help but feel it comes off a bit off putting. Not due to any of the games feeling badly ported or broken. The ports seem to run well, look great, sound good, and they definitely provide the classic Mega Man experience. There is just such a change in each game. Mega Man 7 was developed for SNES. 8 was developed for the PlayStation and features better graphics that took advantage of the system’s capabilities along with CD audio and speech. Then 9 and 10 came years later and go back to the original style of Nintendo NES graphics and sound. Mega Man purists won’t find a bother in this at all, but new comers might feel the tonal change between them all a bit confusing, especially if they thought each further iteration would get better in graphical quality.


Aside from the core games that will take any player a handful of hours per each game, there are also bonus challenge missions for each game. These will provide extra playtime for those that truly want to test their Mega Man skills out. There is also a nice museum that showcases each game’s assets as well as a soundtrack player to listen to your favorite tunes.

What’s old is new

Coming in at 19.99, this is a collection that man Mega Man fans will surely want to add to their collection. It’s a great spot to have all 4 of these titles in one place, and fairly accurate to their original releases. Some new players might be off put by the jump in quality between the older and newer games in the pack, or even the difficulty some of these provide, but for the price, it’s a nice little package to have.

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