Mega Man Legacy Collection (XB1) Review

The Wily Wars.

Mega Man is one of my oldest, and most treasured gaming memories. I still remember the circumstances of being introduced to the original game on the NES. The Blue Bomber has also seen more than his fair share of collections and remakes over the years. There is not a system gamers couldn’t experience (at least) the original six 8-bit classics in some form or fashion, all that is except for the PS4 and Xbox One. Well now that is remedied. Mega Man Legacy Collection is yet another excuse to experience these fine games, with some bonus fan service thrown in for good measure.

Mega Man Legacy Collection is the original six 8-bit titles, with a higher resolution, but otherwise untouched. Even the slowdown I remember is all there, as are the glitches such as pausing the attacks on Sandman in the first Wily castle in Mega Man. This is both good and bad, on one hand we have the original titles as they were intended, but improvements such as switching between acquired boss weapons with the triggers is also gone.

MSRP: $14.99
Platforms: XB1, PS4
Price I’d Pay: $14.99

There are options for display though. I was able to stretch the screen, add a CRT filter, and add or remove border artwork. There are also save states, so I could save anywhere, which was great for some of the harder puzzles I wanted to take a break from and come back to. If Legacy has taught me one thing, it is that my Mega Man skills have taken a turn for the worse in my old age.

The biggest draw to this package though is the extras. There is a music player for each game. The tunes are still as catchy today as they were three decades ago. There are also museums full of artwork from each game. Enemy profiles show what they are weak to, and even boss fights are able to be practiced. It is a stellar set of fan service to dig through.

The games themselves are accurate representations of the original NES ones. The visuals are sharper, but nothing has changed. As I mentioned the slowdown is still there. The controls are spot on, but I still have to adjust to the jump and fire buttons being backward like they were in the NES days. There is a button configuration for those that simply cannot stand it though.

Overall the package does little more than give me an excuse to play through these six great games all over again (for the 10,000th time), yes that includes 4, 5, and 6. Fans of Mega Man should definitely check it out, as the fan service and museum alone are worth the price of admission to hardcore enthusiasts. I am now awaiting the inevitable Mega Man X collection, or at least DLC adding 7-10 to this package.

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  • Lots of extras
  • Games are identical to their originals
  • The music is still so good
  • Only the first six games
  • Missing some of the luxuries added in the last collection
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