Mortal Kombat XL (PC) Review

Started from the bottom, now we here.

Mortal Kombat X hit the PC back in 2015 to some pretty bad criticisms. This was justified in many aspects, I mean; the game didn’t even work for some people. While NetherRealm continued to add to the console versions of the game, they almost abandoned the PC version until it could be fixed. Cut to well over a year later and the XL version hits the PC with all the DLC, and most importantly, patches that make the game not only playable, but run buttery smooth.

MKXL, as stated in the last paragraph, comes with tons of costumes, both Kombat packs featuring horror characters such as Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and the Xenomorph from Alien, plus a lot more. Along with the update comes new fatalities (both character and stage ones), new brutalities, and balancing fixes. Now, the consoles got most of this in drip-feed form over the past year, but all of this hitting the PC at one time, along with fixing most of the performance issues, is a pretty big deal.


Platform: PC
MSRP: $39.99
Price I’d pay: $39.99

Along with all that, all new netcode that, when I tested it, ran perfectly fine for me although my sparring partner did have a few slight issues, but nothing game breaking.

As a fighting game, it is still a top contender. The combo system is simple, yet complex in execution, the variety of styles for each character make them feel completely different from others, and the story mode, while overly short, is still a fun ride. Let’s not forget the amount of unlockable content via the Krypt, and the numerous amount of modes to play. Oh, and of course, the Faction War feature. Although, that has always had balancing issues due to the majority of players choosing the “most popular” factions and steamrolling the others.


It may have taken far too long to get all this out there, but in the end, the final product is a great package that works really well. I’m running an i5-6600K with a GTX 1060 and 16GB of RAM and was able to play the game on fully ultra settings with it never dropping a frame over 60. It is a really gorgeous game on PC and now, finally, it is playable.

Is it too little too late? That all depends on you. The package is massive and chock full of content. The netcode is pretty good, and the single player offerings are nice as well. If you already owned the game on PC and want the XL package, you can get it for a slightly discounted price. If you don’t own the game, you can get the game and the XL package for 40 bucks – not a bad deal if you ask me, and for a quality fighting game, I’d say go for it.

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  • Tons of content
  • Good netcode
  • Great characters
  • Nice visuals
  • Quality mechanics
  • Short story mode
  • Faction War unbalance
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