N++ (PS4) Review

Not the missiles again.

The original N+ game has a special place in my memory. It was one of the first games my wife and I played together. Passing the controller back and forth, screaming at those annoying missiles. The game was tough, but fair. It was also unique at the time as not much else had done the precise platforming puzzle game to death, much like it is now. Fast forward several years and a sequel is finally here. A true follow-up with the expected turning everything up to 11 mentality. N++ is punishingly difficult, the controls are spot-on, and once again, the execution is nearly flawless.

For anyone who missed the 2008 original, no worries. It is not required reading before jumping into the sequel. Man, has it really been seven years since the original game? Anyways, the sequel continues the adventures of stick ninja (that’s what I call him). The entire game is based around jumping and momentum. The puzzles are clever and well-designed. The challenge ramps up fast and there are a ton of challenges awaiting players. Mastering levels is addictive, and with community support for user-created levels, the challenge will always be there.

MSRP: $19.99
Platforms: PS4
Price I’d Pay: $19.99

The game is packed. There are over 600 new levels for single player and over 300 for co-op and races. The included content is immense. Combined with players able to create their own levels and there is a ton of stuff to see and do.

The campaign does a great job of easing players into the flow of the game. It prepared me for what to expect. Even though I could not complete every level (some of the later stages are downright brutal) it hasn’t stopped me from trying. The game is just addictive and the puzzles are fair. When I died, I knew it was of my own fault, not bad design.

Co-op is fun and chaotic. Up to four players traverse through levels designed with multiple players in mind. It emphasizes cooperative play unlike other games by actually requiring some players to die in order to progress. They are fun, a lot like the co-op mode in portal, everyone has to do their part. This mode is also fully fleshed out. Tons of unique levels and challenges specifically for co-op play. Sure I could do them alone, but it is even more frustrating than some of the later levels.

Sadly it is all local, there is no online whatsoever. While this isn’t uncommon in smaller budget games, it does limit the mode a bit. I would have loved to play with others around the globe.

N++ does add a lot to see and do. In addition to the level creation tools, there are also ridiculous amounts of stats to track. For number-crunching people this is fantastic. There are also other trinkets and filters to discover. The game may feel like more of the same from N+, but the sheer amount of content is commendable.

N++ is like the original exploded with an insane amount of content. There is so much to see and master. The precise controls and fantastic design make even the most frustrating levels somehow addictive. For those that enjoyed the original, this is a no-brainer. Fans of puzzle games in general, especially in the vein of Super Meat Boy and Trials will have a blast. This is one massive package that will take a while to master, and perhaps a few broken controllers in the process.

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  • Tons of levels
  • Co-op is chaotic fun
  • Addictive
  • Almost too much
  • More of the same
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