Oblitus (PC) Review

Have strange, will travel?

I happen to highly enjoy indie games most of the time. Especially when they just pop up surprisingly with little fanfare. Jumping in with only a name and a slight idea after googling up the name Oblitus, I got excited to see what this title was all about. Described as challenging and a throwback to older games, I can always appreciate a title like this done well. That’s the question though, is it?

Oblitus starts off with not so much a story, but a sentence. A slight guide in a general direction of what players are supposed to do. Taking this strange creature and guiding it into an even stranger world. Player will literally have no idea where to go or exactly what one is supposed to accomplish. As players guide the character across these sometimes randomized environments, players can run, jump, roll, block, parry, and attack. Attacking is done using a stick to swing up close melee, or throw.

Come at me bro.

Platform: PC
MSRP: $14.99
Time to beat: 5+ Hours
Multiplayer: N/A
Price I would pay: $0.00

It’s fairly simple and basic. Unfortunately it just doesn’t feel very smooth. Trying to parry and block enemies can feel very weak and almost luck based. It provides a feeling of disconnect and when fighting is such a big portion of the game, can put a damper on the experience.

Now while exploring the strange, alien like world players will probably find themselves captivated by the design and look of the world and enemies. Odd is putting it lightly. It’s feels like some sort of strange fairy tale or mythical land brought to life. The music comes through with a wonderful score, adding on this enchanting feeling of its world.

On a personal note, it’s been a long time since I’ve played Shadow of the Beast, a game that was also strange and challenging. I get those same feelings here and it’s enough to have me wanting to explore and play more.

I smite thee!

Unfortunately the game has an extremely difficult learning curve and challenge. I was able to get to a boss repeatedly, and die. Only to have to restart the level. Once I defeated that boss, I got a new loading screen and a new area, which is great. I then later died and was restarted back from the very beginning of the game again.

I felt this game was fighting me the entire time to actually get farther. That along with the odd system performance at times when moving around, and an almost lack of sound effects when fighting, moving, and climbing. Oblitus is something I wanted to enjoy, but it feels like it was fighting me at every corner. Every time I just started to enjoy some aspects, others smacked me back down. I can see players being pulled in by its mysterious charm, but unless you’re a glutton for punishment with little inspiration to move forward or rewards, I don’t see folks getting much enjoyment out of this. It downright feels unfinished at times.

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  • Alien/Fantasy World
  • Soundtrack
  • Difficult yet unrewarding
  • Controls feel loose
  • System performance
  • Lack of direction
  • Where are the sound effects?
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