Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 3: Judgement (XB1) Review

The evil continues.

Our Resident Evil Revelations 2 coverage continues as we jump straight into episode 3, Judgment. Starting off Claire and Moira are stuck at a locked gate outside an ominous building with nowhere else to turn. They see a note that tells them to head to the factory for help. Little do they know what horrors lie ahead in the meat factory.

I think they get the point.

MSRP: $4.99 per episode
Platforms: PC, XB1, 360, PS4, PS3
Release of Final Episode: March 17th, 2014

One thing is clear, Revelation 2 continues to impress with its variation in gameplay mechanics. We find this one featuring some interesting puzzles involving fake eyes, lasers, and meat hooks. The eye puzzle in particular was simple in thought, but took me a few times to realize just how to get it and gave that perfect “AHA” moment. Another optional puzzle later has you dealing with tombstones and the correct order of activation. A sense of nostalgia definitely waved over me during these puzzles and Claire’s game ended with quite an exciting boss battle that took me a few tries as well, quite possible the hardest battle in the game as of yet.

Switching back to Barry and the little girl, he finds himself making his way through an old mine facility, and his campaign also features a puzzle-like moment involving moving crates on conveyor belts around the area. It requires the players to activate power and move the crate, sending it all over the facility till Barry can finally proceed. This episode also introduces a new enemy that is quite powerful and can kill Barry in a single attack if not careful. Its introduction gave me quite the good jump scare.

Episode 3 moves along at a brisk pace, and Claire’s level actually took me the longest at around 2 hours this time. Barry was still around an hour. One thing is vastly apparent about the entire Revelations 2 package, it’s a meaty experience. Barry’s episode ends in a more simple approach but does leave some questions up to the player on what is going on with the little girl. Excitement for the next episode is at an all-time high upon the conclusion of episode three.

Barry still don’t mess around.

Overall my time with Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been mostly a positive one. The longer I play the more I see the annoyances of secondary character A.I. at times, or the gunk that blinds your sight which is always annoying no matter how many times you see it. Episode three left me wanting more so badly, I ended up just going through episode 4 immediately afterwards to see the conclusion. Stay tuned next week as I’ll be able to talk more about that and give a final overall score.

Tune in next week for the Episode 4 review.

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