Bloody Roar 3

The latest installment of Bloody Roar has finally hit the shelves and we’re all very excited here at ZTGD! Well, that is until we opened the package and got past the initial shock that there actually was another installment…here’s the down low…

When I first saw this game I really wasn’t that impressed with the graphics. The still images I saw in magazines and on the internet really didn’t have me excited. Oh how easily one can be swayed! Put those stills in full motion and BAM! you’ve got yourself one of the best looking fighters around! The character models are absolutely beautiful and come very close to the DOA2 standard of excellence. The effects and backgrounds are breath taking and the only draw back is that the backgrounds are a little too small for the size and movements of the character models.

Bloody Roar 3 comes packed to the teeth with a hard metal rockin soundtrack! It makes for some very interesting and inspiring background music. The sound effects and dialog are also top notch, though you can’t understand a word they are saying (think the character dialog is in Japanese). Very nice surround audio will have your roommates or parents telling you to ,”TURN THAT SHIT DOWN!”

Yet another innocent and beautiful game swallowed by the evil clutches of the bad gameplay hell! If you thought Tekken’s Eddy was a button pushing wonder…wait till you try BR3! With a movement pool as about as shallow as a bird bath, and very fast animations…you can bet that this game’s a button pushers dream. The controls consist of one punch button, one kick button, one throw button (kick and punch together),
one transform/super combo/charge button, and then strafe and block buttons. Leaving you with 2 buttons for attack and one for “instant ass kicking”. Most of the combos in the game consist of rapidly hitting the punch or kick button. Your opponents are some of the most unbalanced I’ve seen. Starting out (at any level) is as easy as 1,2,3. Then you get to the final boss and he uses you for a mop to clean house. Oh, did I mention that you can do juggle killing? That’s right, pop your opponent up in the air and juggle them till they die, but beware…the end guy is a pro at this tactic!

As I played through this game it was fairly easy to see where the games ups and downs were. Ups are the graphics and the music (what’s new right?). Downs are character depth and gameplay…If you’re really looking for a good fighting game I would advise getting Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore or Tekken Tag, but if you have those already and you’re a fan of the BR series then go ahead and give it a try, I advise renting before buying! Trippyliquid…trippin out!