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Another week and another classic compilation of video games. Capcom has always been good about re-releasing their titles across multiple collections. Their latest is a follow-up to last year’s Capcom Arcade Stadium. This new collection brings 32 new games wrapped in an entirely new package with the same bells and whistles from the previous entry. Why they didn’t just add these titles into the original executable is confusing, but even more confusing is that several games in this collection were recently featured in the recently released Capcom Fighting Collection. Even with these odd decisions this new collection is packed with tons of nostalgia from my arcade days.

Trying to figure out why these new games weren’t simply added to the original Arcade becomes even more confusing once booting up the game. The layout is almost identical to the first game. The menus cycle through various arcade machines. The options are nearly identical and even the DLC such as invincibility are present in the second game. Which if you own for the original, does not carry over to the new game. It’s perplexing seeing as the main hub is a free download and you are only paying for the new games to add to it.

MSRP: $39.99 (full bundle) Games can be purchased separately
Platforms: Xbox (reviewed), PlayStation, Switch, PC
Price I’d Pay: $39.99

That aside, let’s dig into the games. There is plenty to get excited about here. Capcom has dug deep into their catalog to deliver plenty to enjoy. These games go back as far as 1984 with SonSon and go as recent as 2003 with Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition. This collection of 32 games feels more focused on fighting and shooters with obscure titles such as both Mega Man Power Battle games as well as quite a few titles from the recently released Fighting Collection including several Darkstalkers games as well as the aforementioned Hyper Street Fighter II. Capcom has an amazing history of arcade games, but there are definitely some repeats here. Then we get things like Saturday Night Slam Masters and Black Tiger.

The usual options are here. There are several visual filters to create the CRT effect or arcade view which shows the cabinet. There are multiple background tiles and aspect ratios. The games can also be sped up or rewind features and then there is of course the invincibility DLC. At times it is almost overload on the options front and truly the menu could be a little more streamlined to better navigate, but it is the same as the original so it makes sense. This package is filled to the brim with customization options, but also can feel cumbersome to navigate at times.

This second collection of games feels weird in several key areas. For anyone that snagged the Fighting Collection last month already has better versions of six of these games. Other titles have been in other collections from last generation and the menu system now requires booting up to separate games to experience these 32 new games as opposed to making it just one hub for all 64 games. These decisions are definitely weird choices. Still there are some deep cuts here that have not been available before making it hard to deny its value. At least we can buy the games piecemeal even if it is a separate executable.

Capcom continues to treat their legacy games better than most companies, but their delivery method can be questionable at times. Still I had a blast with these games and would definitely love to see how weird it gets with a third outing. Fans of classic Capcom games will find plenty to enjoy, but this is by far the least impressive selection of games, especially considering recent releases.

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  • Selection of games is great
  • Features continue to be excellent
  • Should be combined with first game
  • Menus are still cumbersome
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