Devil May Cry 2

In the realm of gaming we have come to expect many things, sequels for one never seem to live up to the original game’s greatness. Sure there are exceptions, Resident Evil 2, Mortal Kombat 2, The Tony Hawk series. All of these games seem to get better with age. Then there are the games that seem to disappoint when brought into a newer generation, Adventures Of Link anyone? Well Capcom is always known for delivering exactly what fans of the original game loved so much and usually in larger quantities without changing much of what made the original so damn good. The case in point is that DMC 2 is exactly what a sequel to a game of that style should be more action, larger bosses, and stylish moves that would make Neo from the Matrix jealous. We now delve into one of 2003’s most anticipated games Devil May Cry 2!

Bastard Son Of Sparda
We will start with the graphics, everyone knows that the original DMC game was gorgeous. The sequel takes a different approach by giving us larger environments with lower quality textures. The end result is a very drab looking world but with twice as much to explore and destroy. By no means is this game ugly, in fact this is one of the finer looking PS2 games to come along in a while. Dante has had sort of an overhaul in his appearance which the female fans will surely notice and his new partner in ass kicking Lucia sports a unique look that we cannot decide if she is hot or scary. Regardless the huge environments and polygon induced enemies and bosses are something that must be experienced on a large screen to appreciate the character design.

Let’s Rock Baby!
While the game’s music seems untouched I cannot complain. Heavy guitar riffs blast the speakers when a battle incurs, you are driven to kick twice as much ass when the music is thrashing your ear drums. Most of the tunes sound as if they were lifted directly from the original game and offer nothing to warrant a Grammy but it suits the game very well and that is the most important part. The voices, while very integral to the first game seem to have been toned down. No longer will Dante have a witty comment after every bullet he fires, in fact throughout the game I barely heard him speak three words. This kind of takes away from Dante’s personality but it keeps the action flowing even faster than before which was already at a blazing pace. Lucia’s dialogue goes from being laughable to decent, this adds to the dilemma we have in defining her character. The sound effects are pretty standard and once again sound re-sampled from DMC but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chop, Kick, Devil Trigger
Now we get to the meat of the game, gameplay. Unlike the original game DMC2 allows you to journey through the game with two characters very similar to RE2. Playing through as Dante is very reminiscent of the first game, dispatching demons and giant goats is common fare for our favorite demon slayer. The control is just as tight as it was before and now we have an evade button which allows us to walk on walls and perform some death defying cart wheels and back flips. Learning to use this button in conjunction with regular attacks is crucial to completing the game. You still collect orbs along your journey, red ones are used to purchase upgrades and items, blue ones extend your vitality meter, and gold ones bring you back from the dead should you happen to die. I say should you happen because this game is cake, the normal mode you start off on requires very little thought in achieving victory. A beginner can hold down the square button and continuously move, this will assure victory in most cases, but what the other reviewers don’t tell you is that in order to obtain stylish ratings you must get those massive combos.

There are two unlockable difficulties of course you have hard mode which is a touch tougher than normal and Dante Must Die mode which is actually pretty difficult. This adds some much needed replay to an already finely crafted game. Throw in the ability to play as an alternate character and you have a big chunk of game to blast through. Both stories are close to identical but differentiate enough to keep you playing. There is also a ton of unlockable goodies for you to strive for such as two new characters to play as (I won’t spoil who they are for you) and new costumes for Dante and Lucia. There is also a giant survival mode along side a level select mode. There is enough to appease the fans of the series as well as hook newcomers, there is certainly no lack of gameplay to be found. Along your journey you also collect power ups for your devil trigger mode, these can range from speed bursts to the ability to fly. Using these will become crucial throughout the game as well as being fun to disperse upon enemies.

Flock Off Reviewers!
Well after careful analysis of this game I must say I am pleased with the end result. Most sites and mags have been a little harsh on this game for being too easy and not innovative. What can I say it’s exactly what I wanted, more of the ass kicking that I loved about the first one with enough added goodies to warrant my $50. This is how a sequel should be done and even though it was handled by a different team I am happy to say they did their job well. If you are a fan of DMC and want even more action to satisfy your demon hunting needs look no further than DMC2, a true sequel to one of the finest action games available on the PS2. Highly Recommended!

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