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[tab:Review]Remember those pages in our coloring books where you would connect the dots in order to reveal a hidden image? Well, Pramod Shankar has created an entertaining iPhone application for you, offering the convenience of that connect the dot game, right in the palm of your hand.

Dot Fun is an iPhone application targeted toward a younger audience, which can make life so much simpler if you need to distract the kids for a bit. The game’s start up is easy, you just open the application and get going, nothing too fancy or overwhelming.

The objective of the game is simple: connect every dot by drawing a line between each, in the way you think the object would be shaped. As you progress through each connection, the item that you are drawing will slowly reveal itself whether it be a “shape”, “animal” or “thing”. To mix things up a bit, you even have the option to choose the color of your lines: red, green, blue, yellow, purple and white.

I actually suggest using the different line colors every other dot connection, just because it makes the game a little bit more fun and creative. At some points it may get frustrating because you feel like the line that you are dragging isn’t connecting to your chosen dot, but don’t worry about it too much. That is just the game telling you that you are not choosing the correct dot, so just try another and it will eventually connect.

Once all the dots have successfully been connected, you will see the image “come to life” so to speak. It could be a soccer ball bouncing around your screen or shapes spinning in circles out of pure excitement of your success. It is then topped off with a row of polar bears walking across the top of your screen. It is a very charming reward for completing a puzzle.

The options you are given in this application are the choice of if you want the item to be a “shape”, “animal”, “thing” or “all”. You also have the choice of “showing lines with 2 finger touch”, “show picture”, and “sound”, all of which you can toggle on and off. Besides the simple options you are given, the graphics and images are also very pleasant and enjoyable. Even though the visuals are childish, they are still very creative and charming. You definitely won’t have any concerns about your children viewing them, not to mention the cute sound effects and thunderous applause you get when completing an image.

This simple iPhone application is very charming and 100% child-proof. I would recommend this application to parents with iPhones, iPod Touches, or iPads, just in case you have a moment where you need to distract the kids or keep them quiet. Dot Fun is an entertaining application and I would definitely recommend it to adults with children.

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