Not very glamorous if you ask me.

I had no idea what this game even was when I was first asked to review it. Of course, I’m willing to give anything a shot as I say in all my reviews. So, I booted up Glam’s Incredible Run: Escape from Dukha and found out this is a twitch platformer much like Super Meat Boy. Only problem is, it does not play as well as Super Meat Boy.

Players control, I guess, Glam, a pink-haired woman who has the ability to actually whip her hair to grab onto certain surfaces to swing from platform to platform. I say “I guess” because the game just throws the player in with no story that I can see. Just start making Glam’s way to the end of each screen.

Platforms: Xbox, Switch, PC, PlayStation
MSRP: $4.99
Price I’d pay: $2

So, that is the basic goal, get Glam to the portal at the other end of the screen. These levels are single screen ordeals where players must jump, swing, and grapple sides of platforms to get to the portal. Glam can not only swing using her hair, but she can also grip onto certain surfaces. Both hair swinging and gripping can only be done for a short while until Glam has to let go so there is a timing window to keep in mind. The issue comes when holding buttons. Obviously, each thing is tied to a button press so I found myself holding two buttons one for gripping, one for swinging, then would have to jump at the same time. Towards the later levels and their complex nature, I would find myself pressing three buttons either at the same time or in succession which became a really difficult thing to do and to keep in mind.

Not only do I have to pinpoint correct jumps, but I also must dodge enemies and their projectiles. The gymnastics both physically and mentally stretched me to my limits at times and failing at the same screen over ten times would become the standard after the first chapter. This is not an easy game or one that people looking for a simple platformer will endure.

Most, if not all levels had a second objective with the collectable tapes. Players can attempt to go out of their way to grab these, but many times I found myself making far enough to finish a level and did not want to end up dying from a tough jump or mistake that would put me right back to the beginning of the level.

The biggest issue is the floaty feel of the controls. While this game could work in some instances, there were times I found myself moving through the air too much or not enough to the point where I could not get fully used to the controls. It is hard to explain, but after about 30 minutes of playing, I thought I had them down only to find myself wrestling with them once again on a new level.

Glam’s is a game that is hard to recommend. Players and fans of twitch platformers can most certainly find some challenge here but in the precise jumping and puzzle solving of each level. The problem is, I feel like because of the control scheme and the way it feels, it makes it even more difficult to get into. Still, people looking for that challenge and having patience can find something here. Anyone who gets frustrated easily or does not like the sound of a trial-and-error style game should avoid this one.

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  • Offers a great challenge
  • Simple in design
  • Floating controls
  • Button press requirements are daunting
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