As if the world didn’t already have enough MGS clones Sega feels the need to supply us with yet another attempt to dethrone the king of stealth action game play. Sega’s first attempt comes in the form of Headhunter, an action game that relies on it’s storyline and smooth control to make it stand out in the pack. Does Sega have what it takes to conquer the genre? Or do they simply produce a wide load of crap? Honestly the end up pretty much at a stand still with a few drawbacks, let us find out why.

First we start with the storyline, a well thought out aspect of HH is that the story is very deep yet at the same time shallow in a sense. How so? Well you are an ex-cop turned bounty hunter who has lost his memory. Cookie cutter eh? Well the twists and characters keep you enthralled, not knowing who to trust and who is on your side really adds the depth that the story is so needing. Kind of a toss up, but in the end you really appreciate what the game tries to get across.

Now the visuals are a mixed breed, considering this game was designed for the ill-fated DC years ago the graphics can seem a bit dated compared to today’s standards. Funny thing is when we played this game ages ago on the DC I do not remember it being so jaggy, oh well I won’t go into that argument again. The character models are decent, but the animation is very prehistoric compared to MGS or most recent action games. The levels and environments are very large, but they really do not take advantage of what the PS2 can do, ports are such sweet sorrow ho-hum!

Where the game does shine is the play control and game play aspects. You really get a sense of being Jack Wade when you character is snooping around a local gas station and you pop around the corner and cap two guys with a couple rounds from your pistol, exciting stuff! The game plays very well for an old DC port and really gives the player a sense of accomplishment as the levels progress. The only major gripe is that the camera sure could use some work in areas when you are trying to cover from oncoming fire. I was shot too many times because of bad camera work!

Overall this game is worth snagging if you just can’t go through MGS 2 anymore LOL. After almost 100 times through a game I guess it does take it’s toll hehe. Headhunter is a solid purchase but I still suggest renting or trying your buddies first as this game may not be your cup of tea. All MGS fans should definitely check it out and perhaps we can stand to wait until MGS3 comes w00t!

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