Hypership Out of Control

I’d buy that for a dollar!

Hypership is a retro style shooter game, where you’re hurling through space picking up speed as you progress. You have to avoid or shoot any obstacles that cross your path and to make matters worse, your brakes don’t work either.

As you fly through space in a vertical direction, you have to shoot asteroids, dodge walls and collect coins and power-ups. This may seem simple, but after each wave your maximum speed increases meaning an increase in your reaction time is essential. Without the use of power-ups allowing you to slow down, upgrade your weapon or even become invincible for a short space of time, the game is difficult. However, the game is very addictive and is fun to play.

There are different modes to play including one where you have a counter where the coins you have will gradually decrease, which means that you have to keep collecting coins along with all the other things you need to do. If the counter reaches zero then it’s game over (along with the game laughing at you in a very menacing way!!!). A practice mode is also available, allowing you to continually play one wave until you find the best route to go and where all the power-ups lie.

The game looks and sounds like it just hitched a ride from the 80’s, which gives it a certain charm. The controls are very simple and fit well with its twitch style gameplay.

Multiplayer in the game allows up to 4 people to play locally. However, even when playing with one other person, it becomes extremely difficult to differentiate between which ship is yours and whether or not you are set for a collision course. I can’t imagine the fury you would experience with all 4 player slots taken up.

The game is also witty in places. When you want to restart the level, a quirky line comes up with the option of pressing A – Yes, I screwed up or B – No, I am great.

Frustrating but fun. The difficulty of the levels increases quite rapidly but you feel like you could beat it so you keep playing over and over just to try and reach the finish line. It is definitely enjoyable, but don’t expect it to be a game you would play time and time again. But for the low low price of 80msp, you can’t go too wrong!

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