Jane’s Zoo Review


A zoo we all want to visit.

From a hotel straight to Africa, Realore Studios has created yet another time management game that gives you that hectic, time-pressed feeling that we all love to play through.

After loading up the game and entering your name, you get directed towards the main menu with regular choices like Start, Choose Player, Options, Game Scores, Help, Tell a friend about the game and a selection to see more games from this publisher.

Once you actually start playing the game, you are treated to a comicbook style description of the story plot line. Jane is discovering the poor use of African land. The African land is being destroyed by a typical man-made factory, which is hurting not only the countryside, but the animals that live there as well. Jane decides that these poor, helpless animals need her help, so she dedicates herself personally to the animals. She also sets up a relief fund to help zoos across the world, which you will be traveling to throughout the game.

Across the game, you will be helping, and even raising, animals like a lion, zebra, elephant, penguins, seals, chimpanzees, and even skunks! You are given a different combination of animals to care for during different sections of the game. To make things a little more exciting, some animals have their own “personality,” so to speak. For example, the lion will be more impatient because it is “The King of Beasts” and the elephant will make it apparent that he wants something, he just takes longer to decide what he wants than the other animals.

Not to mention, throughout the game you will be given animals to raise and care for, and when you are raising them from babies to adults they are a lot more high maintenance with frequent diaper changes and the continuous desire for a bottle. Once they are successfully grown, though, you will get to see them mature from baby to adult, which is rewarding.

To actually play the game, you will be given a tutorial on the basics, such as selecting the animals homes and moving them outside. You need to move the animals outside of their home at the beginning of every game and, don’t forget, if you take too long to get them outside, they will lose patience and it will cost you points! Once you have moved them outside, they will begin requesting assistance from either you or your assistant. They will require the aid of being fed, washed, going to the gym, having their homes repaired and cleaned, and much more.

If you don’t move fast enough, the animals will lose patience as time goes by! If you help them out quickly, you are given bonus points which you will be able to click on and gather. The bonus points will be either a snowflake, which will “freeze” the animals patience meter; a smiley face, which increases your animals patience; or a coin, which will increase your score.

As you play through the game and move from country to country, depending on how well you play, you will be given money to spend on an upgrade of your choice. These upgrades can offer more challenging gameplay such as a gym, a wash area, and even a drying area.

Overall, Jane’s Zoo is a very well-organized game that keeps your mind running. You’ll enjoy everything from the cute animal noises to the pretty African scenery. This game is suitable for almost any age. So, if you ever get the desire to go to a zoo or see some special animals, you will be well ahead of yourself and have it right in your pocket.

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