I know what you are thinking, this game has been out for quite a while, why is ZTGD just now reviewing it. Well unlike most other review sites and mags we here at ZTGD like to get the full experience of a game before going on about how great the first ten minutes of it was. So after countless hours of battling the forces of the Toyotomi Family ZT is here with a review of Kessen!

WOW! is the first word that springs to mind. So many characters on screen, so little frame loss. This game runs at a blistering speed and there is so much going on onscreen that I am amazed it doesn’t chug. The models are gorgeous and the battlefields are kick ass. This game is as pretty as it is deep.

Some of the best music to grace a turn-based strategy game. The orchestrated score makes you feel like you are actually there awaiting General Osaka to make the first move. The voices are excellent as well, you can really hear the angst in Fukushima’s voice as well as the loyalty in Todo’s.

At first I will be honest I thought this game was extremely slow. Then I started to get into it a little deeper and discovered that this game is perfect in every from of control. If it was any faster you couldn’t keep up with the action on screen. I am not usually a fan of turn-based strategy but this game is on of the best experiences on PS2 so far!

I recommend buying this title if you are ready to dive deep into a storyline that will make you feel like you are actually in Feudal Japan. This game is a masterpiece in it’s own right and I am proud to recommend this to every gamer out there!

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