Luigi’s Mansion

Everyone wanted to know where our Gamecube reviews were so we decided to give you one. The reason for the delay is that we wanted to be over the whole hype of the system being so new. Unlike other sites we want to give honest opinions on games not first impressions. To be honest the first time we powered up Luigi we wanted to give it a 90 as well but after we played the game and the hype died down we got the full picture and here it is!

Visually Luigi is amazing, nothing to fuck with here. The models are excellent and the lighting is amazing. Granted there isn’t much on the screen, all the things on the screen are downright incredible to look at. Luigi looks even better than his brother did on his last adventure.

The sound is also very nice considering the Gamecube lacks major audio capabilities. There aren’t many in game voices so that is lacking but the ambience and sound effects are very nice. Also when Luigi is whistling it is very cool to notice that when he is scared his whistle is actually presented in fear and when he is calm he whistles right along with the tune and never skips a beat!

The gameplay takes a while to get used to. Moving Luigi with the analog stick and controlling his aim with the C-stick takes a while to get the hang of, but you will get over it. The main complaint here is that this game is basically what you see in the demos and the first hour of play. After a few hours you realize that this game is basically the same over and over again and that takes away from the whole experience.

Overall Mario launch title this is not, I wish they had the other plumber for this system outing but I guess Luigi will have to suffice for now. Let us hope that Mario looks this good and brings the Mario spirit with him until then enjoy Star Wars hehe.

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