Madden NFL 2001

Pigskin, grid iron, whatever you wanna call it the rednecks will always have their games. Football, Baseball, Basketball, and most importantly wrasslin’. Now don’t get me wrong some of these titles are top grade. NFL 2K1 is one of the best games ever made so I can be a redneck too hehe except I don’t shoot deer and fish. Oh well anyways on with a review of the most hyped and oldest football franchise in it’s 128-bit debut.

In a word…stunning, this game is a fucking orgasm to the eyes. I have never seen so much detail. You can see grass and mud in the facemasks as well as hair on their arms!! That is detail, my only complaint is that the players still run through each other at certain times and there is a minor hint of slowdown occasionally.

This is where the game pretty much lacks. The announcing is horrible, I swear John Madden needs to come up with some different comments, I am sick of hearing the same thing six times in the first quarter. The sound effects are drab and the music….well it just doesn’t cut it.

Once again NFL2K1 has spoiled me dearly. Nothing can touch that game as far as control goes. The layout and plays are much easier on NFL 2K1. I do like the part in Madden of being able to pick what player you want the play to revolve around.

If you do own a PS2 this is a solid title that you may want to purchase. If for more than nothing just as a tech demo to show off the power of PS2. Not as recommended as NFL 2K1 but still a good game of football.

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