Max Payne

Well this is a first, our first double review. Tonight it is for Max Payne for the XBox and PS2.

The game came out for both systems so close together that there was bound to be some comparisons. First off both systems are said to be equal as far as graphical power according to the Sony fanboys correct? Well on the other hand XBox is just a PC in a console design right? Fuck that nonsense and stop defending things you know nothing about. I bring you the truth about which version is better and why!

PS2- I begin with this version because the PS2 has been out now for over a year. It was stated that the PS2 had unlimited potential as far as developers were concerned. This system could do anything and everything you could throw at it. At least that is what Sony led us to believe. If all this is true then please tell me why the PS2 version of MP lacks bullets in bullet time? Why does the frame rate drop so low during intense action scenes? Why are the textures all nasty and jaggy? It is because the PS2 is not the all mighty Sony led us to believe it was all hype.

XBox- Now that I am done ranting about PS2 let us discuss what the XB version of this game looks like. First off the textures are all there from the PC version and all very clean and presented in a nice high resolution. The frame rate is a steady 60 FPS, and the action never slows down. Yup you guessed it, in bullet time the bullets are actually there! This game is basically a straight PC port with no loss of detail or frame rate. Now how did they do that??? Let’s just say that the XB is a little easier to program for than the mighty PS2.

PS2- The only major gripe I have with this version is that the cut scenes are a bit quieter than the in game sounds. The music is very mood setting and the sound effects are very nicely done. The characters voices are kinda laughable at first but you grow to love Max’s gritty sense of humor and the voice fits the character very well.

XBox- This version is basically identical to the PS2 other than the cut scene voices seem up to par with the rest of the game. The in game stuff also sounds a touch better, probably due to the fact that the XBox has a dedicated processor specifically for sound. This means that the game doesn’t use any of the audio processor’s sound system, thus allowing the developers to make the sound top notch without fear of harming gameplay.

PS2- Playing Max Payne with a controller takes a few minutes to get used to. Especially if you played the PC version a lot. Moving with one analog and aiming with the other is a great setup, although a tricky one for a third person title. Fans of Oni will account for this one. The PS2 controller has just enough buttons to do the job nicely so no complaints here, it will just take some getting used too and for me a little sensitivity adjustment on the aiming.

Xbox- Once again the Xbox version does a nice job of converting the control scheme over to a console. The XBox controller is nicely adapted for the dual analog moving/aiming style we have all grown used too over the past few years. The black and white buttons serve the purpose of the two extra shoulder buttons found on the PS2 controller so I would say that is a bonus, although the XBox version seems to have better analog control overall.

In the end I leave you with this, Max Payne is an excellent game. Whichever version you are playing you are more than likely to love it. The XBox version is far superior as far as graphics go, but if you do not own the XBox then the PS2 version will satisfy your hunger for some Payne! Now time to get back to some carnage….”It was as cold as the devil’s heart and raining pitchforks!”

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