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This is not an alcoholic autobiography.

I have been a fan of both turn-based and real-time strategy games for a very long time. However, I must say that role-playing games are my definitive cup of tea. I also love unique niche games, and some of best have come from east. When Little King’s Story arrived for the Nintendo Wii, I missed it due to my ever-expanding “pile of shame.” However, I was determined not to miss the sequel, New Little King’s Story for the PS Vita, which is a nice mash up of RPG and strategy.

King’s Story is not the most in-depth of epics. The little king gets kicked out of his land by a great evil darkness. After being exiled, he finds himself in a run-down shack in the middle of a forest. The king and his close advisers then work together to establish an empire big enough to take back his original kingdom. Yes, that’s pretty much it. It’s not much of a story for RPG fans, but it serves a nice setup for the mechanics of the game.

New Little King’s Story’s gameplay is what one would call a “Pikmin” style of game. The player takes control of the king and begins to recruit followers. These can take the form of many occupational classes such as farmers, architects and knights. These followers will then literally follow you around in the game environments like a mob. At first, you will only be able to recruit a very small number of people at a time, but before long you will have an army with you.

As you and your followers traverse the land, you will encounter obstacles both environmental and adversarial. The key to King’s Story is that you must fully utilize the type of people that you have with you. Knights are best at fighting monsters, while farmers can dig into the holes and give you the treasures that lie within.

As you and your gang go on adventures, you’ll accrue more money. You use your gold to build additional buildings in your kingdom, which in turn will allow you to recruit more people to fight and build for you.

The look of New Little King’s Story is one that is filled with charm and wonder. Green forests and brightly colored characters and buildings are the order of the day here. Due to the incredible screen of the PS Vita, King’s Story is a beautiful looking game. The action and semi-violence that you will encounter are paired with a level of cartoon innocence that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Come with me if you want to live.

During the adventure, you will be greeted with many selections of classical music. The music creates a whimsical feel that continues to add to its charm. However, one of the things that took me out of the game was the terrible voice acting. Thank God that it’s minimal, as I can imagine the voice work being done over a lunch break.

This brings me to the main weakness to the game: frame-rate. I was surprised that my PS Vita was already facing issues keeping up when I had a just a few followers with me. This problem only gets worse as you go on, almost to the point of giving me a headache. It’s still very playable during all of the chaos, but I just expected more from the Vita. Another problem that I encountered was that many of my followers would sometimes get stuck in the environment and I would have to backtrack to retrieve them. It’s a minor inconvenience, but one worth noting.

Overall, New Little King’s Story is a good strategy role-playing game that’s fun for the whole family. Despite some of the shortcomings, I still had a fun time with the game. If you missed it on Wii I definitely recommend giving New Little King’s Story a go.

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