NFL Fever 2002

Yeah new console fever is kicking and so is NFL fever baby! Going up against the king of football Madden 2002, Fever had a lot to live up to. This game delivers a unique football experience that no other football game has yet to compare too. Is it better than Madden? Well that is a tough call but let us see what happens.

First off this game blows Madden out of the water visually. Small things like footprints in the snow, reflections on the helmet, and many MANY other subtle differences make this game stand out visually! This is one amazing looking pigskin title. The graphics are so good in fact it is even harder to tell whether this is a game or a live football contest.

The thing that holds Fever back is it’s control and play system. It almost seems too simplified and easy to win. I have yet to lose a game or even come close for that matter even on All Pro. The challenge of Madden just isn’t there. Also the passing game is far too easy, the ball floats across the field and is 99% of the time caught.

The one thing I do enjoy is the running game. Your offensive line actually makes holes for you and the running game surpasses Madden’s by just a smidge. The overall feel of the game is pretty solid and I can not complain at all. Being the first football title developed solely for the box this game does wonders.

Should you purchase this game over Madden? Well that is a tough call, you may want to rent both, or if you already own Madden on the PS2 then just get Fever and have the best of both worlds at your fingertips! This is an astounding game so give it a whirl, Madden meet your newest competition.

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