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[tab:Review]This game was created for people with a lot of patience that enjoy solving mazes and using their memor. PatternHead is all about navigating your way through a maze made up of patterns of stick figure-like images. Like any other maze, your goal is to reach the correct end. Throughout, you will find cherries and chimps. The cherries unlock bonus games that you will be able to play. Now, the chimps on the other hand, you don’t want to run into so much. When you come across a chimp, that means that you are going the wrong way and will lose points, not to mention have to endure an annoying monkey noise, which gets old real fast when you continue to make wrong turns.

PatternHead, created by Wizkeit games, is the ideal game for puzzle lovers. I am not very talented with solving puzzles, but I do find them very interesting and the idea of this game being laid out and created the way it is definitely piqued my interest. I had never heard of a maze created by a pattern of stick figures before I reviewed this game.

Navigating the maze involves a simple swipe from either of any of the four directions given to you. Observing the patterns in the images will guide you correctly through the maze. As you progress through the mazes, each level will get more difficult, challenging you with new patterns.

The game starts out with a tutorial that didn’t quite explain everything, but gave me enough that I could figure it out for myself by playing. In this short tutorial, scoring receives much of the attention indicating that points are awarded based on how your pattern was explored, the amount of cherries that you collected, the amount of times you encountered chimps, and how much time you have left.

For each pattern figured out you are given 1 point, the cherries give you 10 points and the chimps give you -2 points each time you come across them. Because of my lack of understanding the game at first, my first score was -7. Don’t worry, though. If you don’t like the score you got the first time, you can always repeat the level as many times as you want, although you may not feel the need to considering that there are 60 levels for you to get through.

PatternHead is a very well thought out game. Even if you are someone who hates to solve puzzles, this game would still be very interesting. Although the game can be engaging, it can also be frustrating for those who just don’t know what patterns to look for. All together though, it is a very good game and I would definitely recommend it to the puzzle-lovers out in the world looking for their next challenge.

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