The grandaddy returns

Legacy FPS games are making a strong comeback. I grew up playing games like Quake and Wolfenstein at LAN parties with friends. They are some of the most visceral fun that can be had for sure. I can remember the first time I played Quake and learning to aim with a mouse. That sounds ridiculous by today’s standards, but before this behemoth of an FPS came onto the scene there was no vertical look assigned to the mouse. Quake is back now and better than ever with an updated port for every console and even a new campaign from Nightdive Studios. As anyone could guess, it has aged gracefully.

MSRP: $9.99
Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC
Price I’d Pay: $9.99

Quake has returned and it is on everything. The game was shadow dropped during Quakecon and it is indeed available on all platforms. There is even an update to the original PC version to bring forth the new updates that have been made. Running on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 the game reaches 4K resolution with a blistering 60fps. The older consoles also hold down the 60 fps just at a lower resolution. The team behind the port has also promised future support of 120fps for the new consoles, which is just delightful to think about.

This package includes all the original DLC as well as a brand-new episode created specifically for this release by Machine Games. Developer Nightdive Studios has once again proven they are the masters of bringing classic PC games forward with the right upgrades. Quake is still a masterpiece in design. It was the first FPS to really implement mouse look and the verticality of design is still incredible to behold.

This version contains so much that it is an easy recommendation. The campaigns can be played in co-op with up to four friends. Deathmatch returns with up to eight players and is crossplay compatible. The mod support is also here allowing us to get even more content. There is even a Quake 64 mod, which is just incredible…for ten minutes. I just love the ability to see all this game and running in glorious high resolution. I cut my LAN teeth on this game, and I have missed Quake being in the zeitgeist once again.

Revisiting Quake has been both a nostalgic trip for me as well as rekindling my thirst for new games in the series. I hope this remake spawns interest in the franchise and we see a proper new game in the franchise very soon. At $10 this is an easy recommendation and if you have Game Pass it is included, so there is no excuse not to give it a go.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.

  • Graphics update looks good
  • Runs like a dream
  • Tons of extra content
  • All online included
  • Definitely forgot how hard this game can be
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