Not THAT Raiden

The Raiden series has been around for what seems like forever. This vertical shooter has seen releases on nearly every console since its inception. Raiden IV x MIKADO was released on Switch last year and is now making its debut on Xbox and PlayStation. Somehow it is dropping before the release of Raiden III, but if you have been familiar with this series, this is nothing new. Still this series is one of the best shooters out there and finally having it on more platforms is always welcome.

MSRP: $29.99
Platforms: Xbox (reviewed), PlayStation, PC
Price I’d Pay: $29.99

Some may be wondering if I already have Raiden IV Overkill is this new version worth checking out? Well to be fair there isn’t a whole lot new here other than having these games on new and more platforms. There are new options for the soundtrack. The game also runs at a silky smooth 60fps on Series X and simply jumps off the screen with the colors and amount of action going on all the time. This game is a showcase for a good TV and I love watching the chaos ensue every time I boot it up.

This entry contains multiple versions of the game including the original 2007 arcade game as well as the complete aforementioned Overkill version from 2014. That version brought over the boss rush mode as well as additional stages. Think of X Mikado as sort of a complete collection of everything Raiden IV and you get the idea. This game is packed with every song, stage, and boss from all previous iterations and wrapped up in one solid package for all the consoles. Xbox even supports Smart Delivery and Quick Resume, which is perfect for shooters like this to keep progress going.

The modes found here are a lot of fun. My favorite was definitely the Double mode where I was tasked with controlling two ships at once. Sure it is chaotic, but a blast to try and master. The Overkill mode works by allowing defeated enemies onscreen to remain so you can farm points from them over time. The chance of taking a hit only increases as more enemies flood the screen and it becomes ridiculous quickly.

Raiden has always been a shooter for the masses and I love that it continues to be around to this day. It won’t test your skills or reach the heights of others in the genre, but it is always a good time. I love seeing more and more releases in this series dropping for more consoles. I had a blast with this and if you have even a remote interest in the genre this is a must own. Now to sit and patiently wait for more Raiden to drop on consoles this summer.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.

  • All of Raiden IV in one package
  • Visually interesting
  • Not as in-depth as other shooters
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