Celebrating history.

The fact that a game compilation in 2018 is boasting a 40th anniversary is staggering to me. Not because of the milestone, but instead the fact that I played a lot of these games when they were relevant. It is another sign that gaming is becoming part of history, and solidifying the fact that I am getting old. SNK has been around a long time, and their latest compilation includes a lot of their early titles. Compilations like this are hard simply because of the way some titles have aged. Thankfully, developer Digital Eclipse has taken measures to not only make these entries relevant again, but also to preserve their place in history.

Bringing back classic games is a proven formula at this point. So when these collections drop it is always best to approach them looking at how they were handled. The content of the games is always going to be your mileage may vary. With Digital Eclipse at the helm expectations were high. They have exceeded them in every aspect.

MSRP: $39.99
Platforms: Switch
Price I’d Pay: $39.99

All the games included are presented with plenty of filter options. The most interesting feature though is the ability to watch any of the games played from start to finish. While cool in and of itself, they also made it possible to fast forward and even jump in and take control at any point. That is rad. Seriously all classic game compilations need this feature going forward. Being able to scrub through the entire game and play the parts I wanted to play was incredibly awesome.

Players can also swap some titles between regions. This means I could experience some games in their original Japanese versions. While the differences are sometimes minimal, it is still a neat feature. There is also a museum with artwork from plenty of titles, even some not included. There is a lot to unpack here, but the package is the most incredible I have ever seen. It sets the bar for classic compilations going forward.

The core game includes 14 titles right on the cart (or download.) Some I had heard of, others were completely foreign to me. Classics like Athena, P.O.W., and Ikari Warriors are titles I could not wait to play. Surprisingly fun titles like Prehistoric Isle and Victory Road add flavor. There is something here for everyone and being perfect arcade translations are pretty great. SNK has also promised some free DLC games in the coming months, which sweetens the pot even more.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is by far my favorite collection of classic titles. The fact that they are on Switch and available on-the-go is a major plus. Throw in the jump-in moments and watch mode on top of more free games down the road makes this a must-own for Switch owners.

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  • Drop-in play is incredible
  • Tons of museum content
  • Territory selection
  • Some games have not aged well
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