Star Wars Racer Revenge

Did anyone expect this game to be bad? I didn’t think so look at Rainbow Studios track record! Motocross Madness, ATV Off Road Fury, Splashdown, the list is awesome. These guys can make a racing game fun no matter what the mode of transportation is! Now that they have been blessed with the coveted SW license only my imagination can concur what they may do next! Enough ass kissing let us review this fine piece of coding and hard work known as Star Wars Racer Revenge.

First off let me say that the original developed by Lucas Arts is one of the finer SW based game ever made, right next to Jedi Knight, so Rainbow didn’t have an easy task of making this game up to par with the original. Needless to say they continue to fail to disappoint, SW RR is one of the fastest and most fluid racers available on the PS2, not to mention a hell of a lot of fun!

Visually the game is amazing, character models look almost like movie shots and their animation is flawless. The tracks are very finely detailed although do contain a hint of pop-up in various locales such as the Mon Calamari track. The frame rate is very smooth only chugging at very intense moments in the game. Rainbow has done an amazing job of recreating the SW galaxy like no other developer before it. Did I mention they made it fun?

The control is also very fine tuned, you can change your settings so that it mimics the arcade SW Racer game made by Sega, where you use the analog joysticks to thrust each engine, left and right. This mode has a very high learning curve and we recommend you play through it and learn the tracks before attempting it. The standard control is very responsive and tight as hell, nothing matches whizzing by your opponent at 600mph on the last turn before hitting the boost and taking the victory, ahhh the sweet smell of pod racing exhaust.

The game takes place 8 years after the initial pod race and Anakin Skywalker is all grown up. The cast of character features returning favorite such as Watto and Sebulba plus a cast of all new characters to the SW galaxy. There is also an art gallery with some interesting pics of Darth Vader and Darth Maul’s pod racers…hmmm odd eh? If they are playable this game would be the definitive SW game to date!

In the end I recommend picking up SW RR, it is worth the tag and more fun than shooting jawas in a land speeder. Rainbow has delivered once again in making an awkward racing game a blast to play. Continue the spirit guys and long live the empire…err I mean Rainbow Studios hehe, I am off to a galaxy far far away now!

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