Street Fighter EX 3

Can you hear that music playing in the background? It is the sound of a thousand cries, the pain that hardcore gamers like myself are suffering from this horrible blow. The fate of the the future of gaming lies in our hands not to buy pieces of shit like this title. If we buy it then they will only make more titles that stink up my library. These are known as “disappointments”. Capcom oh Capcom why art though deceiving me? Please bring back the good old days of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Resident Evil 3, games that will live in infamy. Now if you please let us carry on.

Graphics in SF EX3 are some of THE worst I have seen on a next-gen console. Sporting terrible character models and laughable backgrounds this game makes for sour eye candy. The background present that good old scrolling effect which gives them about as much depth as the kiddie pool. The characters look like something out of a bad Barbie commercial. Glossy skin and makeup flood them and leave me questioning the sexuality of some of the well known fighters.

The game does sport some decent tunes, but nothing to match Powerstone 2 and Marvel Capcom 2 in any respect. The sound effects remind me of an 80’s foreign film. Terribly dubbed and completely ridiculous. That will go as two strikes against the next generation of fighting games. (laughing under breath…next generation HAHAHA!)

One spot this game does do a good job is the control. I guess you just can’t make a street fighter game play badly, because believe me if any company could it would be the ones who made this game! Take note Capcom, when you decide to let another company produce a title, make sure they aren’t intoxicated while doing so.

I guess I can’t say anything bad about the company, this is only the second game that didn’t do anything for me. That number is moons below the number of Capcom games that I adore, Resident Evil, Street Fighter Alpha Series, Dino Crisis, Strider, I could go on but I do not have that much web space. The point is if you were dumb enough to import a PS2, then don’t be stupid twice. Stay away from this title, not even us hardcore Capcom fans even remotely like it. Thanks god I have Powerstone 2 and Marvel Capcom 2 to play with, god bless the Dreamcast!

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