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There are a lot of games released every week. That makes it impossible to experience every gem that pushes its way onto every platform. When I first heard about The Adventure Pals it looked like any other indie platformer – cute visuals mixed with wacky characters in a colorful world. Think Adventure Time and you get the idea. After spending some quality hours with the game though I have started singing its praises. This is one game I recommend everyone check out. It is the definition of a hidden gem.

Let’s start with the wacky. The Adventure Pals stars Wilton, a boy celebrating his birthday with his dad. All of a sudden his dad’s “friend” shows up and turns him into a hot dog. Wilton then sets off on a journey to save his dad with his giraffe friend Sparkles as he slaps enemies around. Yes there are hot dogs to slap and trees to take down. The game never lets up on the insanity.

MSRP: $14.99
Platforms: XB1 (reviewed), PS4, Switch, PC
Price I’d Pay: $14.99

There are 105 levels and each one only takes minutes to complete. Every section is broken down into a series of levels all with hidden collectibles to find. There is a sticker book to complete and cupcakes that can be traded for new hats. Wilton also collects XP from fallen enemies. Every time he levels up he can choose from a predetermined set of upgrades. Everything about the game keeps it moving forward fast. There is little time to think about what I just did. Instead I was always focused on what was next.

Everything feels great though. Combat is fast if not a bit floaty at times. Enemies all have distinct mechanics that I had to learn and the boss fights are large and vibrant. The platforming feels tight and responsive. The wall jump takes some finesse, but after a few levels I had it down. This is the kind of game that feels prime for speed running as the levels are small and easily digestible.

The Adventure Pals also features co-op of the local variety. Players can bring their friends along for the ride. This mode is fun, but not without its flaws. The second player is completely left out of decisions when it comes to upgrades. They also play as a mirrored version of Wilton, so there is no personality to their character at all. It works for parents playing with their kids, but for those wanting a more fleshed-out experience it feels kind of bare bones.

I absolutely adore the look of this game. Characters are purposely exaggerated. The colors simply pop off the screen and the bosses are outstanding. They have so much personality that it jumps off the screen. Every character in the game feels unique and I loved some of the dialogue. It really made me laugh, which is hard to do in this day and age.

The Adventure Pals may look like a thousand other games just like it, but it stands out among the crowd. It is fun, whimsical, and just a joy to play solo or with a friend. For those that enjoy the genre it is a must own. Add that to the fact that it is available on absolutely everything and there is no reason to let this game pass by.

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  • Great platforming
  • Visuals are stellar
  • Co-op is a blast
  • Limited co-op options
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