Awakening – The Art of Halo 4 Review

As a fan of video game, movies, sci-fi, and animation, one of the most interesting aspects of fantasy has always been the visual art. Not being a huge fan of first person shooters, I was surprised when one captured my imagination. I loved Halo from the first time I saw videos of it, largely due to its more methodical gameplay, storytelling, music and art design.

The first time I crash landed onto the lush surface of Halo was a testament to modern gaming and showed a bright, shining example as to how video games were evolving as a form of escapism. Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 is an incredible item from TITANBOOKS that shows off just how beautiful the newest Halo game truly is.

Awakening is a treasure trove of artwork and concepts that will give the reader insight to the inner-workings of the great talent that contributed to this game. There are so many sections of this book that I absolutely loved. First off, the world of the Forerunners, Requiem, is what progressive science fantasy is made of. It’s a world of technology and natural beauty, interwoven to create a masterful tapestry.

I also enjoy looking at the character concept art that this book holds. Never before has the armor of John 117 has been more realized. Just the look of the armor and equipment makes me believe that this can exist in real life. Also, the female AI entity, Cortana has never looked more human and more real.

The book also shows many of the other friends and enemies of the game. The designs for the alien Forerunners shows off a race that is both very advanced and ancient at the same time. I feel these are some of the coolest designs in modern gaming.

Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 is a must buy for any lover of science fiction art or Halo lore. There is plenty to love in this book, from the heavy paper stock, to the overall weight and look on a coffee table. TITANBOOKS has really created a very interesting and insightful book that would make any Halo fan happy.

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